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Heteronomous and Autonomous

Piaget's two stages of moral development

Heteronomous Morality

What stage of morality do children display from ages 4 to 7?

Heteronomous Thinker

Judges the rightness or goodness of behavior by considering the consequences of the behavior not the intentions of the actor.

Heteronomous Thinker

Believes that breaking 12 cups accidentally is worse than breaking one cup intentionally.

Heteronomous Thinker

Believes in "Immanent Justice" that is if a rule s broken punishment will be immediate.

Autonomous Thinker

From 7 to 10 years of age children go through a transition stage from heteronomous to

Autonomous Morality

From 10 years of age and on children display

Autonomous Thinker

Are aware that rules and laws are created by people.

Autonomous Thinker

In judging an action, they consider the actors intentions as well as the consequences.

Autonomous Thinker

See rules as convenient conventions subject to change.

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