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limited, male, relationships

Carol Gilligan argues that Kohlberg's theory of moral development is _______ because his theory is based on _________ norms that puts abstract principles above _________.

Justice Perspective

Moral perspective that focuses on the rights of the individual.

Caring Perspective

Moral perspective that views people in terms of their connectiveness with others and emphasizes interpersonal communication and relationships with others.

underplayed, males,

Gilligan argues that Kohlberg greatly __________ the care perspective perhaps because he was a male because most of his research was with ______ rather than females and because he used male responses as a model to his theory.

Gender differences for moral reasoning

Gilligan's critics argue she exaggerated

nature of the dilemma

When differences occurred they were better explained by the _____________ rather than by gender.

care reasoning

Both male and females tended to use _______ when dealing with interpersonal dilemmas.

justice reasoning

Both male and females tended to use _____________ to handle societal dilemmas.

justice principle


justice principle


justice principle

individual rights

care principle


care principle


care principle


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