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2 big areas

every level of the government is involved in PR.
Another areas is org's doing PR to the govt. (lobbying, etc.)

PR aimed @ the government

Every organization has a stake in the way the govt. handles things.


lobbyists want things to be advantageous.

The government is

the rule maker, the provider, and the biggest consumer, and acts as the referee in many situations.

"If an organization is not doing Public Affairs,

it's not doing a complete job of PR."

Electoral Activities

were going to try to influence political campaigns and legislation. In most cases they form PAC's (political action committees)


2 largest are Prochoice/life and NRA.


Lobbyist actually talk to legislators...This is false. It typically goes through staff.

Grass Roots Movements

a group of people get together, and decide to make a change.
-people try to influence government regarding regulations.-
big targets - epa and Planned Parenthood

How many laws and regulations does congress pass each year?

Congress passes about 250 laws a year and about 10k rules and regulations at various levels.


Every level is involved.
Bureacracy (hard to get anything done)
The govt tends to be reactive instead of proactive.
Lowest rates of job satisfaction.
Lots and lots of agencies..these people tend to have a very specific function. They take on a specific area.

Quazi gotvl

funded by government. but not government per say.

External and Internal relations

creating goodwill towards the US. Foreign aide directly influences businesses, and it's a minuscule part of the budget.
The US govt is the only entity authorized to deal with relations with other countries. There are very specific jobs within the department of state.

access to information

the patriot act. There will always be debate here. Another area that has changed is morals (philandering). People look at the politicians personal lives. Politicians have sooo many PR issues related to this today.

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