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  1. Mollusca
  2. Ginger
  3. Abstract
  4. Adipose
  5. Ecological role of pillbug
  1. a detritivores; help break down organic matter; also are prey
  2. b summary of paper
  3. c Stem- storage
  4. d pinkish, large clear, fat storage cells with nucleus at one side
  5. e soft body, most protected by hard shell, curved shaped
    Ex: snails, clams, squid

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  1. cube shaped cells; important in transport functions
  2. inherited and instinctive, does not depend on experience with other organisms
  3. Fruit- reproduction
  4. leaf- photosynthesis
  5. Many nuclei, many striations formed by alternating dense areas where the contractile protein actin and myosin overlap

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  1. Tertiary SourceIncludes textbooks or scientific encyclopedias


  2. Organisms that produce Ball GallsGoldenrod Gall Midge


  3. Secondary SourceRefers to past information that has been published before, less sections


  4. NeuronsHow experiment was conducted


  5. Wind pollinatedsmall and inconspicuous