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  1. Neurons
  2. Methods
  3. Adaptations related to diaspores
  4. Scientific name of pillbug
  5. Derived (Apomorphic) Character
  1. a transmitting cells, consist of cell body and two or more extensions
  2. b Armadillidium vulgare
  3. c How experiment was conducted
  4. d Character NOT seen in early ancestors of organism
  5. e nocturnal pollination by bats, elaborate floral displays that attract certain insects

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  1. validates clade and determines ancestral state of all characters
  2. swift, rocky segment; shallow stretch of a river or a stream, where current is below the average stream velocity and where the water forms small rippled waves as a result
  3. hibernation
  4. Mayfly, midge, crane fly, stonefly
  5. Includes textbooks or scientific encyclopedias

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  1. Palynologystudy of tissues


  2. SquashLeaf- Photosynthesis


  3. Skeletal TissueMany nuclei, many striations formed by alternating dense areas where the contractile protein actin and myosin overlap


  4. Plant cell organellescentral vacuole, chloroplasts, nucleus, cell wall


  5. Organisms that produce Ball GallsGoldenrod Gall Midge