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  1. Innate behaviors
  2. TDEC
  3. Lemon
  4. Function of protonephridia
  5. Organism that produce Bunch Galls
  1. a Goldenrod Gall Midge
  2. b Fruit- reproduction
  3. c inherited and instinctive, does not depend on experience with other organisms
  4. d drive fluids through canals which empty outside the animal's body through excretory pores; also known as flame cells
  5. e Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

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  1. faded nuclei and grey fibers
  2. Refers to past information that has been published before, less sections
  3. Radial Symmetry, gastrovascular cavity, single opening, jellyfish consistency
    Ex: Jellyfish, Hydra, Coral
  4. deliberate movement towards( positive) or away (negative) from a stimulus
  5. slow, sandy segment; deeper and calmer areas whose bed load is made up of finer material such as silt

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  1. Organism that produces Spindle GallsGoldenrod Gall Moth


  2. Abstractsummary of paper


  3. state parkMayfly, midge, crane fly, stonefly


  4. Alternative hypothesisopposite of what you believe will happen


  5. Sand and fine sediment deposits in poolcrawling water beetle, non biting midge, mosquito pupa