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  1. Scientific name of pillbug
  2. State natural areas
  3. Adipose
  4. Geomyces Destructans
  5. Plant cell organelles
  1. a fungus that causes white nose syndrome
  2. b pinkish, large clear, fat storage cells with nucleus at one side
  3. c central vacuole, chloroplasts, nucleus, cell wall
  4. d owned by state; trails strictly for walking and observing nature
  5. e Armadillidium vulgare

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  1. Segmented Body, long, worm-like, can have 2 legs per leg
    Ex: earthworm
  2. Character NOT seen in early ancestors of organism
  3. deliberate movement towards( positive) or away (negative) from a stimulus
  4. the plant part that is being dispersed
  5. summary of paper

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  1. Secondary SourceRefers to past information that has been published before, less sections


  2. What group do pillbugs belong to?small and inconspicuous


  3. Function of capillaries in vertebratesgas exchange in blood; smallest blood vessels


  4. Learned behaviorsinherited and instinctive, does not depend on experience with other organisms


  5. Ecological role of pillbugArmadillidium vulgare