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  1. Broccoli
  2. Introduction
  3. Accumulation of twigs, and leaves lying on bottom of slow to no current in pool
  4. Riparian
  5. Neurons
  1. a transmitting cells, consist of cell body and two or more extensions
  2. b Aquatic earthworm, watermite, black fly
  3. c zone along a riverbank; animals here are subject to drowning
  4. d states hypothesis, background to experiment
  5. e leaf- photosynthesis

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  1. cube shaped cells; important in transport functions
  2. random movement not oriented towards or away from a stimulus
  3. fruit- reproduction
  4. Goldenrod Gall Midge
  5. detritivores; help break down organic matter; also are prey

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  1. celeryFruit- reproduction


  2. Primary sourceRefers to past information that has been published before, less sections


  3. Spaces within large stonesAquatic earthworm, stonefly, non biting midge, riffle beetle, black fly, caddis fly


  4. Organisms that produce Ball GallsGoldenrod Gall Fly


  5. Wind pollinatedsmall and inconspicuous


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