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  1. Ancestral (Plesiomorphic) Character
  2. Innate behaviors
  3. Adaptations related to diaspores
  4. Lemon
  5. Genus name of Canadian Goldenrod
  1. a inherited and instinctive, does not depend on experience with other organisms
  2. b Character state seen in early ancestors of organism
  3. c nocturnal pollination by bats, elaborate floral displays that attract certain insects
  4. d Fruit- reproduction
  5. e Solidago

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  1. starfish shaped, radial symmetry, long legs
    Ex: sea squirts, urchins, sand dollars
  2. drainage basins; contain freshwater as it flows in channels from high to low elevation
  3. Leaf- Photosynthesis
  4. Stem- storage
  5. pinkish, large clear, fat storage cells with nucleus at one side

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  1. Leaf packsprotected areas of land owned by state; recreational options such as swimming, biking, horse riding


  2. Value of Outgroup comparisonvalidates clade and determines ancestral state of all characters


  3. Hierarchical Classification of Animals and PlantsKingdom, Phylum, Class, Subclass, Order, Family, Genus, Species


  4. Accumulation of twigs, and leaves lying on bottom of slow to no current in poolAquatic earthworm, watermite, black fly


  5. Secondary SourceLeaf- Photosynthesis