chapter 18 calibration

explain the purpose and importance of calibration.
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the purpose of calibration is to ensure that your equipment delivers the correct rate of pesticide uniformity to the Target site. the importance is to have effective Pest Control protect human health and the environment protect non-target animals from poisoning preventing waste of pesticide and complying with the law.
measures of suitable test area fill the sprayer with water to level Azz recognize spray to promote the are using the same now as a pressure refill the tank with your is in a water level determine your spray rate Check the label see if you within 5% of the recommended spray rate determine amount SSI needed for each gallon of water.
amount of product equals acres to be treated x amount of product per acre. gallons of spray mix needed equals acres to be treated * calibrated spray rate. acres per tank full equals tank capacity gallons / spray rate gallons per acre. amount of pesticide per tank full equality acres per tank full x amount of product per acre.