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All plants and seaweeds for the Marine Plant Practical.

Amphiroa tribulus

White Calcified toothpicks

Bryopsis plumosa

Only green fuzzy. Central point.

Caulerpa racemosa

From the aquarium. Looks like mini Hydrocotal.

Caulerpa sertularioides

From the aquarium. Fan like.

Centroceras clavulatum

Red Fuzzy. Spikes at nodes.

Ceramium cruciatum

Red Fuzzy. Banded under-scope with pitchers at ends.

Codium carolinianum

Dead man's fingers. Short pinchers forks.

Codium decorticatum

Dead man's fingers. Long forks.

Enteromorpha intestinalis

Looks like green intestines, small flat and floppy. Central point.

Galaxaura squalida

Dried pom poms

Gracilaria caudata

Gelatin. Parenchymatous.

Gracilaria spp.

Gelatin. Parenchymatous. Reproductive nodes.


Sea oats.

Hypnea musciformis

Only one with hooks on the tips of the branches.

Penicillus capitatus

Puffy dried feather like dusters. Similar to a make up applicator.

Polysiphonia gorgoniae

Red Fuzzy. Not able to find in sea table. Dicotomus branching.

Sargassum filipendula

Air bladders, the only one with them.

Solieria filiformis

Diffused filamentous. Looks like Gracilaria only way to tell them apart is a cross-section.

Spyridia filamentosa

Red Fuzzy. Bands WITHOUT pitchers on ends.


Dried mini fans.

Ulva fasciata

Central Point. Darker green.

Ulva lactuca

Does NOT have a central point. Flat thin sheet. one cell thick.

Ulva rigida

Central Point. Camouflage.


Study of seaweeds


Red algae.


Green algae.


Brown algae.

Rhizophora mangle

Red mangrove.

Avicennia germinans

Black mangrove

Laguncularia racemosa

White mangrove

Conocarpus erectus


Thalassia testudinum

Turtle-grass. Flat, wide blades.

Halodule wrightii

Shoal-grass. Flat, thin blades.

Syringodium filiforme

Manatee-grass. Round blades

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