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Native American religions

To the traditional ---, --- is caused by a --- in the body and the --- process sometimes consists of a --- ritual.

Native American; sickness; foreign object; healing; sucking

Native Americans believe that nature should be treated with --- because: the --- --- and --- itself in nature.

respect; Supreme Being; lives; manifests

--- was seen by by Native Americans as: a --- to be ---.

Hunting; sacred event; revered

The --- is a --- by which a --- person seeks --- and --- by the tribe.

Vision Quest; ritual; young; power; acceptance

According to Native American belief, the --- is often portrayed as a diminished --- of ---existence.

land of the dead; plane; earthly

--- grounds were considered ---.

Burial; taboo

The --- is present in the --- of most Native Americans but generally not ---.

High God; belief system; worshipped

--- often appear to Native Americans during a ---.

Animal spirits; vision quest

--- is at the center of Native American religion's ---.

Mother Earth; animistic worldview

--- make ---contact with --- before the ---.

Hunters; spiritual; animal spirits; hunt

Most Native Americans have rejected Christianity.


Despite fearing the dead, most Native Americans do not fear dying.


Native Americans see rituals as a means of renewing the partnership between humans and the spirit world.


Most Native American religions are purely polytheistic.


The reason most Native American religions do not exist in their pure forms is that they have had many encounters with European culture during the past 400 years.


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