econ 3

the federal governments poverty line for a family of four in 2009 was approximately:
the largest public assistance program in terms of money spent is:
degree of inequality in the distribution of income
the Lorenz curve shows the:
state government appropriations
the major govn't subsidy to students at public universities is:
anual tuition and fees, (sticker price) for state resident undergrads at the UA for 2010-2011 is approximately
all of the above
individuals in households headed by females are more likely to live in poverty because:
overstate the degree of income inequality by failing to include non-cash transfers as income
some economists have criticized standard government figures on income inequality, arguing that these data:
decreased until the 70's, then started to increase again, reaching levels that have not been seen since the 30's
between 1929 and 2009, as measured by the Lorenz curve, income inequality in the U.S
an increasing share of total money in the U.S
from 1980 to 2009, the richest fifth of the population has recieved:
an increase in the time frame for recieving TANF benefits
what is not considered a program that would reward workers for their work/employment efforts?
the top 20% of all families in the U.S. in 2009 recieved approximately ___ % of the distribution of annual money income among families.
under age 18
the age group with the highest poverty rate is :
average annual tuition and fees nationally for state resident undergrads at a four year public college and universities for 2010-2011 is:
census data indicates that as of 2009 the top 5th of all families in the U.S. recieved slightly more than ___ times as much income as the bottom 5th
social security
examples of welfare programs would not include
has declined substantialy over the past 35 years
the official poverty rate of elderly people:
lower in the U.S than in some south american coutries such as mexico, guatemala, and brazil
the share of income going to the highest 20% of income recievers is
social security
which income-maintenance program is aggregate spending the greatest?
the progressivly high marginal tax brackets of the federal income tax structure
which of the following would not account for the increases income inequality in the U.S in recent years?
government transfer payments
each of the following contributes to income inequality except:
petroleum engineering
nationally, starting salaries were highest for what major?
0 and 1
the Gini ratio of income inequality ranges between
social insurance and public assistance or welfare
the U.S income maintenance system consists of two kinds of programs:
foregone earnings from attending school instead of working
what is the best example of indirect costs of a university education
a minimally adequate diet
the official U.S poverty line is calculated as 3 times the annual cost of:
what percent of the adult population (25+) in the U.s has a bachelors degree?
pell grant
federal grant money awarded to university students based on the need is:
tuition and fees
the pricipal source of funds for private universities is now, and always has been:
highest earning major for recent years at the UA is what college:
more unequally distributed than is income
wealth in the US is:
as of 2009, roughly what precent of the U.S population was living in poverty?
the vast majority of the 6 million students currently recieving pell grants come from families with an income of less than:
a reduction in the number of high school dropouts
which of the following would likely reduce income inequality
mainly benefit middle and high-income students
state tax appropriaitons to public universities
the maximum value of the Federal Pell Grant is:
in 2009, the median income for households in the U.S was about
female heads of households
poverty rates in the U.S are the highest for which of the following demographic groups:
state government appropriations
up until the last decade or so, the principal source of funds for arizona's three public unicersities has been
the single largest group of people in poverty are families headed by a white male
which of the following would explain why racial/sex discrimination is not the major factor in determining poverty rates among various groups
food stamp program
which of the following government programs provide recipients with in-kind benefits?
state support of the three state universities in arizona is now on the order of ___ % of their operating funds
go to a university if the increased earnings of a university education are greater than the sum of the direct and indirect costs of a university education
the theort of investment in human capital indicates that high school graduates should