o.n. 19 vocab

26 terms by tomhayes

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aetās, aetātēs


āvis, avēs


certāmen, certāmina

a struggle, fight


advice, plan; assembly of decision makers

dēsīderium, -a

desire, request, wish

dorsum, -a


fabula, -ās

tale, story



genus, genera

type, race, kind, origin

homō, hominēs


honōs (honor), honōrēs m

honor, respect, position, authority

imperium, -a

power, authority, realm

iūs, iūra law,


iussum, -a


iuvenis, iuvenēs

(a) youth

magnitūdo, magnitūdinēs f

size, great amount

malō, malle, maluī

to prefer



nepōs, nepōtēs

grandchild, descendant

nolō, nolle, noluī

to not want

numerus, -ōs


parēns, parēntēs

parent, ancestor, founder

purgō 1

clean, purify, justify/excuse

sententia, -ās

advice, opinion

vīs, vim f (irreg.)

violence, strength, power

volō, velle, voluī

to want, wish

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