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1) The area of the city where retail and office activities historically were clustered was the

A) central business district. B) central city. C) urbanized area. D) metropolitan statistical area.

2) Retail activities which tend to concentrate in the CBD include those which have

service for office workers.

3) The CBD attracts offices primarily because of its

high accessibility.

4) Land values are high in the CBD primarily because of

competition for limited space.

5) As a result of high land costs, the American CBD is characterized by

construction of skyscrapers.

6) What activity tends to locate on the street-level floor of a skyscraper in a typical North American CBD?


) European CBDs are similar to those in North America because they both contain

retail and office activities.

8) A land use typically excluded from a North American CBD is


9) Public transportation is better suited for commuting to the CBD primarily because

each traveler takes up less space.

) Because so few people live in the CBD, urban areas are characterized by a high degree of


12) The most likely religious reason for the origin of settlements was a place to

bury the dead.

13) The most important political reason for the origin of settlements was a place to

protect the group's assets.

4) Economic reasons for settlements include what?

warehousing, trading, and manufacturing

15) Residents of rural settlements are more likely than residents of urban settlements to work in


16) Rural settlements differ from urban settlements primarily according to which type of activity?


17) A place where farm buildings, homes, and churches are found close together is what kind of settlement?

clustered rural

18) Most people in the world live in what type of settlement?

clustered rural

19) The French long-lot system was developed primarily because of

need for access to a river.

20) The most significant impact on the rural landscape of Great Britain's enclosure movement was to

encourage a dispersed rural settlement pattern.

21) The most significant anticipated benefit of the enclosure movement was to

promote agricultural efficiency. .

22) Clustered rural settlements were most common in which region of colonial America?

New England

23) The plantation was a common form of rural settlement in which region of colonial America?


24) The fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century A. D. brought about what change in urban settlements?

reduction in urban population

The typical medieval European urban settlements were characterized by the

placement of buildings around a central market square.

26) The city-state is an example of

a state dominated by its major city.

27) Which of the following is not primarily a Consumer Service?

professional services

28) Business services provide what kind of services?

services to businesses

29) The area surrounding a service from which customers are attracted is the


30) The maximum distance people are willing to travel for a service is


31) The minimum number of people needed to support a service is


32) In a linear community, the best location for a service is the


33) According to the gravity model, the potential use of a service at a location is related

directly to population and inversely to distance.

35) Larger settlements are

less numerous and farther apart.

36) If a country follows the rank-size rule, if the largest city has 1,000,000 inhabitants, how many people live in the fifth largest city?


37) If a country's largest city has 1,000,000 inhabitants and the second largest city has 200,000 inhabitants, the country follows what distribution?

primate city

38) Why is the absence of a rank-size distribution significant in a country like Romania?

Consumers do not all have access to goods and services.

39) A market area is a good example of what kind of region?


40) A firm that sells its products primarily to consumers outside its settlement is a

basic industry

1) Attracting a new basic industry is important to a community, primarily because it

stimulates new nonbasic industries. .

42) The hierarchical organization of settlements by size is known as the

rank-size rule.

43) A primate city is

at least twice as large as the next smaller city.

44) A central place is a

market center

45) What is an example a basic economic activity?

steel mill

46) One of the most important basic activities in the southern Great Lakes region is

manufacturing of durable goods.

47) LDCs specialize in what two types of business services?

offshore financial and back office

48) What factors determine where back office services will locate in LDCs?

low wage rates and workers who can speak English

49) What technical development has allowed back office services to relocate to LDCs?


50) Recent decades have seen greatest employment increases in which consumer service sector?


51) Producer services provide what kind of services?

services to businesses

52) Banking is an example of what kind of service?


4) Shops with high thresholds are likely to locate in the CBD. What other types of of retail activities are likely to locate there?

Shops with a high range and Shops appealing to office workers

55) According to the rank-size rule, if Romania's largest city (Bucharest) has nearly 2 million inhabitants, the second largest city (Iasi) should have 1,000,000 inhabitants. Because in reality Iasi has less than this number, then Bucharest is an example of what kind of city?


56) The British policy of combining many small farms into one large farm is known as

enclosure movement

57) Countries that provide offshore financial services not located on islands are

Andorra and Liechtenstein;Monaco and Liberia;Belize and Panama

58) Rapid urbanization continues today in the more developed countries.


59) People who live in rural settlements are more likely to engage in secondary sector economic activities.


60) Linear settlement patterns were brought to North America by the French.


61) The colonial New England rural settlement pattern was clustered.


62) The frequency of periodic markets varies by culture.


3) Copenhagen and London are primate cities even though they are located in more developed countries.


64) Most inhabitants of developing countries live in urban areas.


5) According to the rank-size rule, if the largest city in a country contains 1,000,000 inhabitants, the fifth largest city should contain 200,000 inhabitants.


66) The threshold of a service is the maximum distance that most of the customers are willing to travel.


67) Cities grew rapidly in Europe immediately after the collapse of the Roman Empire.


68) Business services are more likely to cluster in specialized business-service centers than in world cities or regional command and control centers.


69) While public transportation ridership has declined in the United States, a number of cities have invested in new public transportation systems.


70) The supply of land for new housing is more severely restricted outside European cities than U.S. cities.


71) Public transportation is more successful in Europe, because entrepreneurs have figured out how to make a profit operating it.


72) In view of the rank-size distribution in Romania, why had the past President of Romania, Nicolae Ceaucescu, ordered the demolition of thousands of rural villages, each containing a few hundred inhabitants, and the construction of cities of 5,000 to 10,000 inhabitants?

enable rural residents to have access to goods and services

73) Developing countries are experiencing rapid urbanization, which involves two types of population increases. One is an increase in the ________ of people in a society living in urban areas. The other type of increase is an increase in the ________ of people in a society living in urban areas.

number; percentage

74) An increase in the percentage of people in a society living in urban areas is due to what factor? Distinct from such percentage increases, an increase in the number of people in a society living in urban areas is due to what factor?

migration from rural areas; overall population growth

75) Briefly define the economic base and state its significance to a settlement.

a collection of industries in a community that sells its products or services primarily to consumers outside the settlement; affects the types of jobs available to the population and the strength and stability of the economy

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