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Landforms - South

Appalachian Mtns
Atlantic Coastal Plan
Gulf Coastal Plain
Florida Peninsula

Waterforms - South

Gulf of Mexico
Atlantic Ocean
Mississippi River
Rio Grande
Chesapeake Bay (DE, MD, VA)
Potomac River (MD, VA)

Climate - South

Humid Subtropical (majority)

Climate - South

Tropical Savanna - (tip of south Florida)

Climate - South

Steppe - West Texas and Oklahoma


climate, beaches, culture, and history of region


number one item in South's economy

Agriculture - examples

citrus fruits, peaches, pecans, cotton, tobacco, cattle (livestock)

Industrialized and Service Industries

more jobs in these two areas because it is less crowded and cheaper

Natural Resource

oil - Texas

St. Augustine, FL

Fountain of Youth - Ponce deLeon - oldest city in United States

Montgomery, AL

birthplace of Civil Rights Movement


Bible Belt; Christians/Baptists

Political View

Conservative and Republican

Nashville, TN

Country Music Capital of World

Major Cities in South

Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Richmond, Nashville, Houston, Dallas

Remember the Alamo

battlecry as Texas received independence from Mexico

Hispanic influence

Florida - Cuban and Puerto Rican
Texas - Mexican

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