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concentric contraction

positive phase

eccentric contraction

negative phase

isometric contraction

holding the muscle in place


breath during the negative phase


breath during the positive phase

strength/mass or size

more weights, less repetition

tone and maintain

middle weights, middle repetition

endurance/cut or definition

less weights, more repetition

overload principle

states that you must work your body at levels that it normally doesn't encounter

specific principle

states that you must excercise a particular component of fitness in order to improve that particular component

FITT principle

in order to keep improving your muscle development

frequency intensity time task


sequencing exercises

the order of exercises to be performed

large muscle group to small muscle group

order of sequence

spotters, clamps and pins, proper technique on the lifts, stay within your limits, follow all safety rules

general safety procedures


shoulder muscles


chest muscles


back of leg muscles


front of leg muscles

gluteus maximus

butt muscles

deltoids, pectorals, triceps

muscles worked in bench press


muscles worked in knee extension

gluteus maximus, hamstrings

muscles worked in leg curls


muscles worked in leg press

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