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Chapter Nine!!!!

Manifest Destiny
The manifest destiny was an idea that many Americans believed in. This idea, was that God had given the entire continents to the Americans, and if he gave the land to the Americans, then the nation should settle the Western lands.
Preemption Act of 1830
an act that Congress passed in 1830, that was a renewable law that made that was made permanent in 1841. This law protected squatters by guaranteeing them the right to claim land before it was surveyed, and he gave them the right to buy the land from the government. They could buy up to 160 acres of land, for a minimum price of $1.25 per acre.
Jethro Wood
in 1819, Jethro patented an iron blade plow. this was a huge advancement in agriculture.
John Deere
John Deere engineered a plow with the sharp edge steel blades that cut cleanly through sod. This plow used half the labor usually needed to prepare an acre for farming.
Cyrus McCormick
Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical reaper in 1834. Known as the McCormick reaper, this reaper was pulled by horses and mules and farmers could harvest much more grain than in the past with much less effort. Before 1834, farmers had to cut grain by hand using a sickle. With the McCormick reaper, they no longer had to do this work by hand.
The Oregon trail
The Oregon trail is the path that those moving West followed. This trail was the most popular of the trails that were blamed in the 1840s, and it played a vital role in the settlement of the West.
Donner party
in 1846, the daughter party was a group of 87 overlanders. The group was named after the two brothers who led them. the group was trapped by winter snows and the Sierra Neva. 41 people died of starvation, and those who were alive days to the choice of death or cannibalism. Many, did resort to cannibalism in order to survive.
Treaty of Fort Laramie
A treaty established in 1851. It was a land treaty between eight different Native American groups and the federal government.
Brigham Young
The successor of Joesph Smith. He took the Mormon Church to the West in order to escape persecution.
Stephen Austin
Took his father's place in a Texas land deal. He settled 300 American families in Texas and got a great amount of land.
Sam Houston
A former governor of Tennessee, and a proven military leader. Took command during the early battles of the Texan/Mexican battles.
An abandoned Spanish Catholic mission. A battle fought in Feb of 1836, and they fought over 180 rebels that had hidden in the Alamo.
James K Polk
In the election of 1844, Polk beat Van Buren's Democratic nomination. Polk ended up winning the election.
Fifty-four forty or fight!
Polk took a stand on the US owning Oregon instead of the British. His supporters cried "Fifty-four forty or fight!" meaning that the US wanted to receive all of Oregon to the line south of 49degrees.
General Zachery Taylor
Polk ordered troops lead by Taylor to cross the Nuecess River. This was as an invasion of Mexico's territory. Polk wanted Mexico to fire the first shot.