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Quiero comprarle algo bonito

I want to buy him/her something nice.

Qiuero/ Me gustaria comprar....

I want to buy... or I would like to buy.....

Estoy buscando un regalo para..

Im looking for a present for..

Puedo ofrecerle

I can offer you...

Solamente puedo pagar..

I can only pay you...

Es muy bonito

Its very pretty

Es muy caro

Its very expensive

Es demasiado

Its too much

Gracias, pero no puedo comprarlo

Thank you but i cant buy it

Si, quiero comprarlo.

yes, i would like to buy it.

necesito comprarlo

i need to think about it

pago en efectivo

I'll pay in cash

Cuanto cuesta(n)?

how much is....?

Me deja ver...?

May I see....?

Como paga Ud.?

How are you going to pay?

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