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  1. (H) Raja yoga
  2. (CJ) Taoism embraces what?
  3. (C) Martin Luther
  4. (H) AUM
  5. (CJ) Lao Tzu
  1. a example of a mantra, also international symbol of Hinduism
  2. b He sparked the Protestant Reformation in Germany
  3. c Yoga of mind and body
  5. e is said to be the founder of Taoism. It is likely however that he is not a historical person.

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  1. The continent which has the largest number of moslem inhabitants is Africa
  2. founder of Hassidism
  3. The site of Martyrdom of Husayn and family now sacred
  4. The superior man
  5. Buddha hand gestures

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  1. (H) MokshaThe principal Vedic God


  2. (I) Jawhidis the doctrine of the unity of God


  3. (J) SolomonHe built the first temple in Jerusalem and bankrupted the kingdom to do it


  4. (J) Date of the covenant1850 bce


  5. (CJ) Chuang-tzuwas the principal teacher of Taoism and editor of it's major text