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  1. (B) Events in Buddhas life> Chron order (5)
  2. (CJ) Confusius lived the same time as?
  3. (H) Creator God in popular Hinduism
  4. (I) True
  5. (H) Ahimsa
  1. a Brahama
  2. b T or F- Ashura is a prolonged observance of mourning for the martyrdom of husaga and family
  3. c Siddhartha Guatama
  4. d Do no harm
  5. e 4 pass sights, great renunciation, discovery of middle path, The awakening, the sermon at Sarnet

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  1. The expected one
  2. result of the rapid spread of Buddhism
  3. old chinese concept that means THE WAY
  4. Yoga of knowledge
  5. Truth force

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  1. (Z) VishtaspaOnce born


  2. (I) The HijrahThe Moslem calendar marks year "1" according to what event?


  3. (I) KarbalaThe site of Martyrdom of Husayn and family now sacred


  4. (H) IndraOnce born


  5. (J) JacobHis name became Israel by the river Jabook