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  1. (CJ) 5 constant relationships
  2. (H) AUM
  3. (J) Moses
  4. (J) Ishmael
  5. (I) Kharijites
  1. a hus-wife
    older bro-younger bro
    old friend-young friend
  2. b example of a mantra, also international symbol of Hinduism
  3. c commanded Pharaoh to Let my people go
  4. d those who depart
  5. e First son of Abraham

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  1. Children of heaven, ghandis term for outcastes
  2. Elder Daughter of Laban
  3. 4 pass sights, great renunciation, discovery of middle path, The awakening, the sermon at Sarnet
  4. Jewish emancipation movement
  5. T or F in a rite of passage, the liminal state or stage usually comes at the end of the rite.

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  1. (B) Boncommanded Pharaoh to Let my people go


  2. (I) KarbalaThe site of Martyrdom of Husayn and family now sacred


  3. (J) SolomonElder Daughter of Laban


  4. (J) Isaac2nd patriarch


  5. (J) Tanakh2nd patriarch