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  1. (J) Joseph
  2. (C) Disciple vs. Apostle
  3. (J) Moses De Leon
  4. (H) True
  5. (B) Dalai lama
  1. a the ocean of wisdom
  2. b Interpreted dreams and became a powerful leader in Egypt
  3. c student/one commissioned by Christ
  4. d T or F Self transcendence is the capacity to be aware of and to decide about yourself
  5. e wrote the Zohar or book of splendor

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  1. Children of heaven, ghandis term for outcastes
  2. Master kung fu tzu
  3. Community of jew ascetics of the 1st century, dead sea scrolls
  4. the name for Vedic cosmology
  5. result of the rapid spread of Buddhism

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  1. (CJ) JunziThe superior man


  2. (J) Date of the covenant1850 bce


  3. (H) SatyagrahaTruth force


  4. (CJ) LIthe right way which became rite way


  5. (I) Ummahthe Muslim community