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  1. (CJ) Lao Tzu
  2. (J) Moses Mendelssohn
  3. (H) Jnana yoga
  4. (CJ) Confucius
  5. (H) Language
  1. a the principle contribution of the Aryans to what would become Hinduism
  2. b is said to be the founder of Taoism. It is likely however that he is not a historical person.
  3. c Master kung fu tzu
  4. d Yoga of knowledge
  5. e Jewish emancipation movement

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  1. 2nd patriarch
  2. He sparked the Protestant Reformation in Germany
  3. Pre buddhist, tibetan, animist religion
  4. The superior man
  5. is the title of the successor to the prophet

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  1. (J) Date of the covenant1850 bce


  2. (B) Helena P. BlavatskyClaimed to be the first American Buddhist convert


  3. (H) Trueexample of a mantra, also international symbol of Hinduism


  4. (CJ) Confusius lived the same time as?1850 bce


  5. (B) VajrayanaChildren of heaven, ghandis term for outcastes


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