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  1. (H) Moksha
  2. (H) Shudra
  3. (H) False
  4. (CJ) Junzi
  5. (J) Essenses
  1. a The superior man
  2. b Release
  3. c Once born
  4. d Community of jew ascetics of the 1st century, dead sea scrolls
  5. e T or F in a rite of passage, the liminal state or stage usually comes at the end of the rite.

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  1. 1850 bce
  2. To see
  3. Balance
  4. T or F- the end goal of Confucianism is the fully realized human being

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  1. (B) Anattaan emphasis in Mahayana Buddhism, commonly defined "emptiness"


  2. (B) Events in Buddhas life> Chron order (5)4 pass sights, great renunciation, discovery of middle path, The awakening, the sermon at Sarnet


  3. (CJ) Under him, buddhism was welcomed into Japanresult of the rapid spread of Buddhism


  4. (J) Moses MendelssohnJewish emancipation movement


  5. (Z) VishtaspaFirst son of Abraham