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  1. Tsumi means
  2. (J) Tanakh
  3. (B) Bon
  4. (J) Moses De Leon
  5. (Z) Dakhma
  1. a wrote the Zohar or book of splendor
  2. b Pre buddhist, tibetan, animist religion
  3. c Tower of silence, where zoros leave thier dead
  4. d OFFENSE
  5. e Acronym meaning the entire Hebrew Scriptures

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  1. Under him kingdom of Israel reached it's greatest wealth
  2. Struggle
  3. The tribe of the prophet
  4. The Diamond Path, clear and hard, Tibetan Buddhism
  5. famous student of confucianism

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  1. (CJ) 5 constant relationshipshus-wife
    older bro-younger bro
    old friend-young friend


  2. (I) KarbalaThe site of Martyrdom of Husayn and family now sacred


  3. (H) SatyagrahaThe Diamond Path, clear and hard, Tibetan Buddhism


  4. (CJ) Trueold chinese concept that means THE WAY


  5. (H) HarijansChildren of heaven, ghandis term for outcastes