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  1. (I) True
  2. (H) Triloka
  3. (J) Moses Mendelssohn
  4. (I) Rasul
  5. (B) Bon
  1. a Jewish emancipation movement
  2. b is mohammeds vision of a world-wide moslem fellowship
  3. c T or F- Ashura is a prolonged observance of mourning for the martyrdom of husaga and family
  4. d the name for Vedic cosmology
  5. e Pre buddhist, tibetan, animist religion

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  1. features of the harappan religion which came to have particular significance in Hinduism include the following except?
  2. is the doctrine of the unity of God
  3. The expected one
  4. The principal Vedic God
  5. First son of Abraham

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  1. (CJ) Ying/Yang represents?was the principal teacher of Taoism and editor of it's major text


  2. (J) Tanakhold chinese concept that means THE WAY


  3. (J) Theodore HerzlFounded Zionism


  4. (H) Mokshacommanded Pharaoh to Let my people go


  5. (B) ChakravartinRespected Buddhist Monk