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  1. (J) Theodore Herzl
  2. (Z) Angra Mainyu
  3. (CJ) Tao
  4. (CJ) LI
  5. (B) Bon
  1. a the right way which became rite way
  2. b Pre buddhist, tibetan, animist religion
  3. c Founded Zionism
  4. d Author of evil
  5. e old chinese concept that means THE WAY

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  1. example of a mantra, also international symbol of Hinduism
  2. The Moslem calendar marks year "1" according to what event?
  3. He sparked the Protestant Reformation in Germany
  4. the ocean of wisdom
  5. is mohammeds vision of a world-wide moslem fellowship

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  1. (B) Events in Buddhas life> Chron order (5)result of the rapid spread of Buddhism


  2. (Z) VishtaspaKing of Bactria who adopted Zoroastrianism and began it's successful expansion


  3. (CJ) Menciusfamous student of confucianism


  4. (J) IshmaelFirst son of Abraham


  5. (H) ShudraThe principal Vedic God