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  1. (H) Jnana yoga
  2. (CJ) Taoism places emphasis on what?
  3. (CJ) Junzi
  4. (B) Bon
  5. (C) John the babtizer
  1. a The superior man
  2. b the presents or Life now
  3. c relative of Jesus
  4. d Pre buddhist, tibetan, animist religion
  5. e Yoga of knowledge

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  1. Respected Buddhist Monk
  2. Founded Zionism
  3. No termination date, purposely vague, relational/personable
  4. His name became Israel by the river Jabook
  5. Children of heaven, ghandis term for outcastes

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  1. (CJ) Under him, buddhism was welcomed into JapanSiddhartha Guatama


  2. (I) The Hijrahis the doctrine of the unity of God


  3. (CJ) LIthe right way which became rite way


  4. (C) Disciple vs. Apostlestudent/one commissioned by Christ


  5. (B) 4 passing sightsold man, sick man, corpse, ascetic