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  1. (I) Mahdi
  2. (CJ) Junzi
  3. (H) Creator God in popular Hinduism
  4. (B) Mudra
  5. (C) 4 reasons which historians give for the rapid growth of Christianity
  1. a Brahama
  2. b The expected one
  3. c Buddha hand gestures
  4. d Apostles work & Persecution, Egalitarian, Flexible and experimental, Martyrdom
  5. e The superior man

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  1. He sparked the Protestant Reformation in Germany
  2. Book of Changes
  3. 4 pass sights, great renunciation, discovery of middle path, The awakening, the sermon at Sarnet
  4. T or F- Ashura is a prolonged observance of mourning for the martyrdom of husaga and family
  5. those who depart

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  1. (J) IshmaelFirst son of Abraham


  2. (H) LanguageWandering the endless cycle of re-birth and re-death


  3. (J) EssensesCommunity of jew ascetics of the 1st century, dead sea scrolls


  4. (I) Ummahthe Muslim community


  5. (H) TrueT or F Self transcendence is the capacity to be aware of and to decide about yourself


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