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  1. The plant kingdom
  2. cactus
  3. vine
  4. stems
  5. reproduction
  1. a a stem adapted for climbing which helps the plant's leaves reach sunlight
  2. b makes seeds or spores
  3. c gdomWhere do all plants belong to?
  4. d a plant that has roots that grow near the surface of the ground where they can collect any rainwater quickly
  5. e provide support for the plant-holds the plant up

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  1. sprouting seed
  2. hold a plant in the ground and absorbs water and nutrients
  3. provides a protective covering around seeds
  4. a system of roots about the same size that spread out over a large area
  5. plants usually get these from minerals in soil

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  1. flowerthe function (job) of a flower is reproduction, making seeds


  2. organisma living thing


  3. Conifer group examplesoak trees, grasses, lilac shrubs, tulips, tomato plants

    -have flowers which make seeds


  4. Flowering plant group examplespine trees, fir trees, spruce trees

    -have their seeds made in cones


  5. adaptationa body part or behavior that lets a plant or an animal meets its needs in its enviornment