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  1. germination
  2. it uses sunlight, the sun's energy
  3. reproduction
  4. roots
  5. stems
  1. a grow towards light
  2. b sprouting seed
  3. c hold a plant in the ground and absorbs water and nutrients
  4. d makes seeds or spores
  5. e How does a plant make sugar?

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  1. a body part or behavior that lets a plant or an animal meets its needs in its enviornment
  2. a living thing
  3. pine trees, fir trees, spruce trees

    -have their seeds made in cones
  4. move water and nutrients up from the roots to other parts of the plant
  5. gdomWhere do all plants belong to?

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  1. flowerthe function (job) of a flower is reproduction, making seeds


  2. cactusgrow downward in response to gravity


  3. nutrientsgrow downward in response to gravity


  4. germinationstage when a plant sprouts from a seed and begins to grow


  5. growthgrow downward in response to gravity


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