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  1. nutrients
  2. germination
  3. life cycle
  4. adult
  5. By seeds
  1. a plants usually get these from minerals in soil
  2. b How do flowering plants reproduce?
  3. c the different stages of development that make up and organism's life
  4. d stage when a plant sprouts from a seed and begins to grow
  5. e the stage when a plant reaches its final form and size and is able to reproduce

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  1. makes seeds or spores
  2. a stem adapted for climbing which helps the plant's leaves reach sunlight
  3. part of the flower that is often brightly colored to attract insects that pollinate
  4. a system of roots about the same size that spread out over a large area
  5. a living thing

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  1. cactusA plant that has thick stems to store water during dry periods


  2. rootsseedling to adult


  3. stemscan be soft, like tulip stems or woody, like tree trunks


  4. Plants are useful for:adapted to living in poor soil-has a special leaf that traps insects which provide these plants with nutrients missing from the poor soil


  5. fruitprovides a protective covering around seeds