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  1. a molecule that consists of two atoms of the same element
  2. materials having conductivity properties between that of metals and nonmetals and having controllable conductivity parameters
  3. elements having more than 92 protons, all of which are synthetic and unstable
  4. element that usually is a gas or brittle solid at room temperature, is not malleable or ductile, is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, and typically is not shiny
  5. elements in Group 3-12

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  1. sublimationcompound formed when negative ions from an acid combine with positive ions from a base


  2. ductileability of metals to be drawn into wires


  3. radioactive elementelement, such as radium, whose nucleus breaks down and emits particles and energy


  4. metalloidelement that typically is a hard, shiny solid, is malleable, and is a good conductor of heat and electricity