Patient Care CH-6 Test

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30. You are working alone in the early evening as a radiographer. The urgent care center has wheeled in an elderly female patient for a chest radiograph. With the patient is her daughter, carrying her mother's belongings. As you process the examination paperwork, the daughter states that the hospital corridors are cold and her mother is uncomfortable. Simultaneously a physician arrives and is looking for a radiologist. How would you handle this situation and provide the best customer service? From the choices below, select the best choice and the worst choice. Indicate your response in the spaces provided.

Choice A: Your first choice is to satisfy the physician's request by leaving the area and trying to find a radiologist somewhere in the department. To comfort the patient, tell the daughter where the warmest part of the waiting room is and that she can move her mother there until you return.

Choice B: Inform the physician that you're working alone and he can page the radiologist on call. You are unable to give him the phone number. You offer to get the daughter a blanket when you finish the paperwork and setting the room up for the examination.

Choice C: Inform the physician that your first priority is the patient and you will give him the phone number of the on-call radiologist when you finish processing the patient's examination. You turn your attention to the patient and her daughter, asking them to be patient, as you are alone.

Choice D: You tell the daughter that you will quickly get two warm blankets for her and her mother. In the process of doing so, you call the radiologist and provide the name of the physician. After that, you give the physician the name of the radiologist on call and tell him you have called the radiologist to make him aware of his request.