wordly wise 3000 book 2 lesson 2

15 terms by brandolorenz1135

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A smell or odor, especially a pleasant one


A liquid, other than water, used as a drink


Lacking a strong flavor;
Not irritating, exciting, or disturbing


Easily broken; not flexible


A number of similar things grouped together;
To gather or come together in a group


To join or bring together


To use up;
To eat or drink;
To do away with or destroy


To have a strong desire for


To prepare land for the growing of crops;
To grow or help to grow;
To encourage development by attention or study


Equal to;
That which is equal to


To send goods to another country for sale;
Something exported


To remove or take out;
To obtain with an effort;
Something removed or taken out


To cause to know; to make known by name;
To bring to the attention of, especially for the first time;
To bring into use


To buy;
Something that is bought;
The act of buying


Of, from, or similar to the regions near the equator;
Hot and moist

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