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May we sisters in Kappa Delta strive each day to seek more earnestly the honorable and beautiful things.

May we each day through love of those within our circle, learn to know and understand better those without our circle.

May the diamond shield that guards our love find us each day truer, wiser, more faithful, more loving, and more noble.
Kappa Delta Sorority is a national organization for women commited to

Encouraging members to live with integrity and honor in the bonds of lifelong friendship; Building confidence in members to help them excel in college and throughout their lives; Inspiring members to be active leaders, responsible citizens and engaged members of the community; andProviding opportunities and experiences that foster personal and professional growth for a lifetime.
FoundedOctober 23rd 1897founding schoolLongwood University Farmville, VAFounding membesLenora Ashmore Blackiston Sara Turner White Julia Gardner Tyler Wilson Mary Sommerville Sparks HendrickNational PresidentTricia Ruma SpenceNational Vice PresidentSusan StocktonNational Vice President-membershipKaren Thomas FesmireNational Vice President-CollegiansLaura Beth Hanson McKewNational Vice President-AlumnaeTove Bichel ThomasNational Vice President-FinanceSarah Smith DubbertNational Panhellenic Conference DelegateJulia Landgren JohnsonExecutive DirectorPamela NixKD headquarters3205 Players Lane, Memphis, TN 38125flowerwhite rosejewelsdiamonds, emeralds, pearlscolorsolive green and pearl whitesymbolsNautilus shell, diamond shape, daggermascotteddy bear5 areas making up chapter excellence1. Academic excellence 2. leadership 3. membership 4. philanthropy 5. social successleadership rolesset leader, chapter officesmembership termlifetimeKD communicationfacebook, twitter, instagram5 ways to stay active after graduation-join alumnae chapters -organize alumnae chapters -visit KD websites -write rec letters -plan a reunion for your pledge classconsequences for being hazedsubject to the deferral of her inititationconsequences of hazingsubject to national probationconsequences of chapter allowing hazingsubject to national probationIf the situation warrants, stronger disciplinary action may be imposed at the discretion of whom?the national councilWhat is the Kappa Foundation and how is it supported?It secures funds for the educational, leadership, and charitable purposes of the Kappa Delta Sorority. The foundation is supported through member donationsWhat are two opportunities the Kappa Delta Foundation provides to collegians?- leadership conferences -scholarshipsExecutive director at the FoundationPamela NixWhat is the golden circle and who is part of it?It is compromised of collegiate chapters that have donated to the Kappa Delta Foundation. -each member must donate a minimum of $12 annually to the foundation in support of its leadership, educational, and philanthropic initiativesName of our chapterSigma LambdaWhat date was our chapter installed?September 4th, 1922What division is our chapter?9