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Ethics Authors

Hugo Adam Bedau "Against the death penalty: the minimal invasion"
Invasion by the government of an individuals privacy, liberty and autonomy.
J. Gay-Williams "The wrongfulness of Euthanasia"
violates nature and dignity of human beings
Ernest Van Den Haag "The ultimate punishment: A defense."
For the death penalty. We must give them what they deserve.
John Rawls "On Justice"
Egalitarian theory of justice. Equal opportunity, justice is fairness.
John Hosper "what libertarianism is"
owner of your own life, right to property.
Peter Singer "Femine, Affluence, & Morality"
Utilitarian view. Giving is a moral duty.
Robert Nozick "The entitlement theory of justice"
If how you acquire things are just, it cant be taken away from you.
Garrett Hardin "lifeboat ethics"
Rich shouldnt help poor. You can only help so much until it hurts us. In effort to help, were hurting them.
Philippa Foot "Euthanasia"
Voluntary may be permissible. Must meet justice and charity.
Dan W. Brock "voluntary active euthanasia"
Voluntary active euthanasia should be permitted. Good/Bad consequences.
John Hardwig. "Duty to die"
Utilitarianism view, supports physician assisted suicide. Burden vs. Duty to Die.
James Rachels "active and passive euthanasia"
Act-Utilitarianism. Different diseases should determine whether euthanasia permissible.
Judith Thompson "Defense of Abortion"
Pro life. violinist scenario. Fetus is a person.
John T. Noonan Jr. "An almost absolute value in history"
views the christian community.
Mary Anne Warren "On the legal and moral status of abortion"
pro choice. always permissible, a fetus is not a human.
Jeffrey H. Reiman "From Justice, Civilization, and the Death Penalty: Answering Van Den Haag."
Lex Talionis. Just for murder.
Punzo "morality and human sexuality"
against premarital sex. committing to a persons historical self.
Alan H. Goldman "plain sex"
sex=pleasure. Sex isnt a good way to express love.
Russel "our sexual ethics"
casual sex relationships are ok if no conflicts.
John McMurtry "monogamy: a critique."
No sexual activity unless youre married. only 2 people.
Anthony G. Amsterdam "capital punishment"
against death penalty. It does not change criminals.
Rosalind Hursthouse "virtue theory and abortion"
virtuist. take into account ones emotions and importance of motherhood.
Don marquis "Why abortio is immoral"
pro life. value of future.