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  1. Functions of DNA
  2. Helix Destabilizing Proteins
  3. RNA Primer
  4. Bacteriophage
  5. Disruptive/Dispersive
  1. a virus that attacks bacteria
  2. b Transcription (protein synthesis), Translation, Replication
  3. c building block for nucleic acids
  4. d Each strand of both daughter molecules contains a mixture of old and newly synthesized parts.
  5. e Keeps strands separate

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  1. highly alkaline proteins found in eukaryotic cells nuclei that package and order the DNA into structural units called nucleosomes
  2. Treated the DNA with two enzymes, a protease degrades proteins; DNAse degrades DNA.
  3. described the theory of transformation; mouse study with bacteria
  4. Molecules detect mismatched pairs and replace them with the correct pairs
  5. S Phase...sister chromatids form

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  1. Deoxyribosemade of sugar, 1 nucleotide and 1 phosphate


  2. Scaffolding ProteinsProteins that bind to the segment of DNA that links neighboring beads.


  3. Adenine's bonding pair, "A""T", Thymine


  4. TelomeresJunk DNA at the ends of DNA strands


  5. DNA Nucleaseinstalls new nucleotids; catalyzes the snythesis of new DNA by adding nucleotides to a pre-existing chain.