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  1. Griffith Study
  2. Histone Proteins
  3. Beadle "Beets" and Tatum
  4. Centromere
  5. 4 Nitrogen Bases of DNA
  1. a a region of DNA typically found near the middle of a chromosome where two identical sister chromatids come closest in contact.
  2. b Neurospora research, experiment on fungus and mold - "one gene one enzyme"
  3. c described the theory of transformation; mouse study with bacteria
  4. d Proteins that bind to the segment of DNA that links neighboring beads.
  5. e Adenine

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  1. "T", Thymine
  2. adds the RNA Primer; Synthesizes an RNA primer at 5 prime end of leading strand and of each Okazaki fragment of lagging strand
  3. "C", Cytosine
  4. is acidic, negatively charged and associated with postiviely charged histone proteins.
  5. Transcription (protein synthesis), Translation, Replication

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  1. NucleosomesIn Eukaryotic chromosomal DNA molecules that have a special nucleotide sequence such as TTAGGG


  2. Telo-meresJunk DNA at the ends of DNA strands


  3. Meselson and StahlModels of Replication; Conservative, semiconservative, disruptive/dispersive


  4. Ribosemade of sugar, 1 nucleotide and 1 phosphate


  5. Bacteriophagevirus that attacks bacteria


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