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  1. Nucleotide Excision
  2. Kinetochore
  3. Deoxyribose
  4. RNA Primer
  5. Template Strand
  1. a The strand of the DNA double helix that is copied by a base pair complementary to make an RNA.
  2. b microtubule strands connected to centromeres.
  3. c DNA "double helix"
  4. d Molecules detect mismatched pairs and replace them with the correct pairs
  5. e building block for nucleic acids

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  1. 2 ringed Nitrogen base
    Adenine, Guanine
  2. Changes RNA nucleotides into DNA nucleotides
  3. Each strand of both daughter molecules contains a mixture of old and newly synthesized parts.
  4. Treated the DNA with two enzymes, a protease degrades proteins; DNAse degrades DNA.
  5. little pieces of DNA on the lagging strand that patches DNA nucleotides.

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  1. Rosalind Franklinx-ray diffraction crystalography photographer


  2. Bacteriophagevirus that attacks bacteria


  3. Histone ProteinProteins that bind to the segment of DNA that links neighboring beads.


  4. Guanine's bonding pair, "G""C", Cytosine


  5. DNAthe bacteriophage that was used in the Hershey and Chase study