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  1. Single-Strand binding proteins
  2. 4 Nitrogen Bases of DNA
  3. Q Region
  4. Okazaki fragments
  5. Template Strand
  1. a is the large region of a chromosome
  2. b Adenine
  3. c The strand of the DNA double helix that is copied by a base pair complementary to make an RNA.
  4. d keeps strands of DNA from recombining, binds to and stabilizes single-stranded DNA until it can be used as a template
  5. e little pieces of DNA on the lagging strand that patches DNA nucleotides.

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  1. "C", Cytosine
  2. DNA "double helix"
  3. and enzyme that adds segments to ends of molecules of DNA/seals the ends acts like bumpers.
  4. installs new nucleotids; catalyzes the snythesis of new DNA by adding nucleotides to a pre-existing chain.
  5. S Phase...sister chromatids form

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  1. Meselson and Stahlthe smooth strand


  2. Rosalind Franklinx-ray diffraction crystalography photographer


  3. Histone ProteinsProteins that bind to the segment of DNA that links neighboring beads.


  4. Disruptive/DispersiveProteins that bind to the segment of DNA that links neighboring beads.


  5. Adenine's bonding pair, "A""C", Cytosine