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  1. In what phase does DNA replication take place?
  2. Kinetochore
  3. Ligase
  4. Beadle "Beets" and Tatum
  5. Okazaki fragments
  1. a S Phase...sister chromatids form
  2. b microtubule strands connected to centromeres.
  3. c little pieces of DNA on the lagging strand that patches DNA nucleotides.
  4. d Joins partial strands together; joins 3' end of DNA that replaces primer to rest of leading strand and joins Okazaki fragments of lagging strand
  5. e Neurospora research, experiment on fungus and mold - "one gene one enzyme"

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  1. Molecules detect mismatched pairs and replace them with the correct pairs
  2. is acidic, negatively charged and associated with postiviely charged histone proteins.
  3. "C", Cytosine
  4. untwists the double helix at the replication forks
  5. the smooth strand

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  1. Lagging Strandthe rough strand


  2. Template StrandThe strand of the DNA double helix that is copied by a base pair complementary to make an RNA.


  3. Histone ProteinProteins that bind to the segment of DNA that links neighboring beads.


  4. Anti-parallel strandsTop end and bottom end are not parallel, 5 prime has phosphate end and 3 prime has an OH- end.


  5. DNA Polymerase Iinstalls new nucleotids; catalyzes the snythesis of new DNA by adding nucleotides to a pre-existing chain.