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  1. Ribose
  2. 4 Nitrogen Bases of RNA
  3. Centromere
  4. Guanine's bonding pair, "G"
  5. Meselson and Stahl
  1. a made of sugar, 1 nucleotide and 1 phosphate
  2. b a region of DNA typically found near the middle of a chromosome where two identical sister chromatids come closest in contact.
  3. c "C", Cytosine
  4. d Models of Replication; Conservative, semiconservative, disruptive/dispersive
  5. e Adenine

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  1. bead-like structures with 140 base pairs of DNA wrapped around a disc of eight histone proteins.
  2. Transcription (protein synthesis), Translation, Replication
  3. special proteins that help link mucleosomes together for communication and support
  4. when a double helix replicates, each of the two daughter molecules will have one old strand, derived from the parent molecule and one newly made strand.
  5. Neurospora research, experiment on fungus and mold - "one gene one enzyme"

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  1. Helix Destabilizing ProteinsKeeps strands separate


  2. Okazaki fragmentslittle pieces of DNA on the lagging strand that patches DNA nucleotides.


  3. Ligasemade of sugar, 1 nucleotide and 1 phosphate


  4. 4 Nitrogen Bases of DNAAdenine


  5. Single-Strand binding proteinskeeps strands of DNA from recombining, binds to and stabilizes single-stranded DNA until it can be used as a template


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