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arrears (n.)

the state of being behind or late, especially in the fullfillment of a duty/promise/obligation

kinetic (adj.)

pertaining to, caused by, or characterized by motion

serpentine (adj.)

having a windling course (ex. road); sinuous; shrewd, wily, or cunning; resembling a serpent in form or movement

debase (v.)

to reduce in quality or value; to lower in rank, dignity, or significance

peroration (n.)

a long speech characterized by lofty and often pompous language; the concluding part of a speech

succulent (adj.)

full of juice; juicy; rich in desirable qualities


native to or confined to a certain region; indigenous

plithy (adj.)

brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance or meaning; terse

uxorious (adj.)

excessively fond of or submissive toward one's wife

illusory (adj.)

causing illusion; deceptive; misleading

qualm (n.)

a pang of conscience, uneasiness, misgiving, or doubt; a sudden feeling of apprehension

votary (n.)

a person who is devoted to something; devoted follower; (ex. bound by religious vows as a monk or nun)

inculcate (v.)

to teach or impress by frequent repetition; to implant by repeated admonition; to cause/influence someone to accept an idea/feeling

salacious (adj.)

lustful or lecherous; obscene; grossly indecent; erotic

vermin (n.)

an objectionable or obnoxious person or group or people; collection of disgusting animals

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