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Which of the following managerial actions is associated with the definition of control?

performance standards are already in place

The control process assumes that ________.

and have compared actual performance to a desired standard

Managers can't really know whether their work units are working properly until they've evaluated what activities have been done ________.

Balanced scorecard

Performance measurement tool that looks at more than the financial bottom line (financial, customers, internal processes, people/innovation/growth).


Overall output of goods or services divided by the inputs needed to generate thoes outputs.


College entrance exams (ACT, SAT)


Mixing paint


Mechanic test driving a car after he installs new breaks


Search for the best practices among competitors or noncompetitors that lead to their superior performance.

personal observations

has the disadvantages of being subject to personal biases, time consuming, and obtrusive

statistical reports

has the advantages of being easy to visualize and effective for showing relationships

oral reports

has the disadvantage of being provided with filtered information that can't be documented

written reports

has the advantages of being comprehensive, formal, and easy to file and retrieve

measurement and corrective action steps of the control process

The differences seen in organizational control systems of global organizations are primarily in the ________.

when employees have been notified of the practice

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act allows employers to monitor communications ________.

employee stress

Factors that have been found to be linked to workplace violence include ________.

To be considered a system, it needs to be on a computer and not manually regulated.

Which of the following is not related to the meaning of management information systems?

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