ch.18 section 3/ ii.France & England collide

Under George II, what was colonized?
the last of the English colonies in North America(which was a total of 13)
George III
England came to dominate much of North America under this ruler and his father
French and Indian War
1754-1763; this war broke out as the British fought the French & their Indian allies for control of eastern North America
William Pitt the Elder
in 1757, the war turned for the British(originally losing) when this guy became prime minister of England; was determined not only to defeat the French but to also drive them out of North America
what are the terms of the Paris Peace Treaty of 1763?
~France surrendered Canada & all of her territory east of the Mississippi River to England
~all French territory west of the Mississippi was granted to Spain(as a reward for being an ally of France during the war)
~Spain surrendered Florida to Great Britain(the expense of being on the losing side)