18 terms

psy ch. 12

apr 13-15
psychological treatments
procedures for alleviating mental disorders based on the findings and principles of psychology and best administered by trained psychologists
people with mental disorders interact with trained therapists who help change certain behaviors, thoughts, or emotions. ( better the patient)
therapeutic alliance
a close and often powerful relationship between the therapist and the person seeking help, in which both cooperate to alleviate the client's mental disorers.
psychodynamic therapies
based on the ideas that mental disrders stem primarily from the kind of hidden inner conflicts first described by Freud.
intense feelings of love or hate toward the analyst on the part of the patient.
phenomenological/experiential therapies (humanistice therapies)
see the world through their eyes, treated as equals, central relationship
client-centered therapy
a form of humanistic therapy developed by rogers
Gestalt therapy
difficulties in directly expperiencing and expressing emotions, such as anger or the need for love
behavior therapies
besed on the belief that many mental disorders stem form faulty learning
systematic desensitization
first learn how to induce a relaced state in their own bodies by learning how to relax their muscles. expoed to stimuli that elicit fear.
cognitive therapies
based on the belief that many mental disorders stem from faulty or dostorted modes of thought
Rational-emotive therapy (RET)
a cognitive therapy based on the view that many forms of mental disorders stem from irrational thoughts
beck's cognitive-behavioral therapy
alleviating depression
family therapy
designed to change the relationships among family members in constructive ways.
expressed emotion
excessive critism, hostility and emotional overinvolvement. can cause relapse of disease!
tardive dyskinesia
a side effect of some antipsychotic drugs involving loss of motor control, expecially in the face
electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
biological therapy in which electrodes are placed on a patient's temples and strong electric shocks are then delivered to the brain
biological therapy in which brain operations are perfomred to change abnormal behavior