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  1. "The Rule"
  2. Christ as a Victim
  3. View on Marriage (Catholics)
  4. double predestination
  5. Council of Ephesus
  1. a Attempted to resolve the issue between Nestorius and Cyril
    cyril supporters showed up first and condemned Nestorius
    then Nestorius supporters showed up and condemned Cyril
    * Nestorius condemnation is the final resolution of the council.
  2. b You are either predestined for heaven or hell, and there is nothing that you can do about it.
  3. c Regulations about how monks / nuns should live together
  4. d Procreation
    Unitive (Strengthening the bonds of love)
  5. e Most popular theory in Western Christianity

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  1. -Believed that there is no such thing as evil because God created everything, so therefore everything is good.
    -believed that just becasue things happen out of harmony/sync with something else does not make it evil
  2. -Went to school in Alexandria
    -hot headed and jealous of Nestorius
    -Accused nestorius as being a hertic
  3. "The Greek citizens who are able to vote"; anything that has to do with the church.
  4. In the eastern church, in line with the teaching of teh first council of Constantinople, the Holy Spirit is understood to proceed from the father through the son (single procession). Augustine, however, spoke of the Spirit as the mutual love of the Father and the Son in his tract De Trinitate. Based on this view the western church included filoque in the Nicene Constantinopolitan Creed.
  5. teacher at Alexandria; Platonic view of death

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  1. Cappadocia FathersGregory, Gregory and Basil
    Brought Anthanasius' teaching of the single procession to the nd eccumenical council & got it accepted
    -said that in order for christianity to be valid, jesus had to be human in every way.
    -had to suffer doubt, temptation, pain, death etc.


  2. HomoousiosMan who didn't like to call the connection of Jesus divine side and human side a "Union" he preferred to call it a "conjunction".


  3. SacramentologyThe study of salvation
    *there is no perfect way to explain soteriology because salvation is a mystery


  4. Christ as a TeacherMost popular theory in Western Christianity


  5. Augustus (Thagaste)He was Ordained a presbyter four (4) years after his baptism
    Later ordained a Bishop four (4) years after he was made a presbyter


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