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  1. The Body of Christ (Sacramental Answer)
  2. Apollinaris of Laodicea
  3. Gregory of Nizianrus
  4. View on Marriage (Augustus)
  5. Apocalypse
  1. a He supported the Council of Nicea & believed in Jesus' divinity
    However, he believed that Jesus did not have a human soul
    He thought that the divine logos of the son had invaded Jesus ' body and made him lack the things that made on human.
    No pain, No doubt, no emotions
    Which implies the emotions that Jesus was making in the bible were fake.
  2. b When Christians received communions; (last supper)
    Catholics believe that wine / bread actually become the resurrected body and blood of christ
  3. c the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ
  4. d Said, "That which is not assumed is not healed"
    -Jesus must have a human soul, otherwise the human soul is not saved or healed
    -Jesus must have a human mind, otherwise the human mind is not saved/ healed etc...
  5. e Purpose of marriage is to have children.

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  1. Is Greek for "Soul"
  2. Believed along with Augustine that outside of the church, there is no salvation.
  3. Regulations about how monks / nuns should live together
  4. Paints Jesus as divine (Catechetical school in Antioch)
  5. Emphasized the union of the human and divin parts of Jesus

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  1. Apostolicity-Became the patriarch of Constantinople (Bishop with alot of honor)
    -noticed people called mary Theotokos (the God bearer), he didn't like that so he said people need to call mary theotokos and anthropotokos (which means human bearer)


  2. Cappadocia Fathers-Augustus' son
    -birthed by Augustus' concubine
    -loved very much by Augustus
    -He died very young and his death damn near destroyed Augustus
    -His name means, "Gift of God/ given by God"


  3. Formula of ReunionThis formula settled the argument between Cyril and Nestorius
    Said that Jesus Christ is one person, who has two natures which are unconfused in their union
    - And that Mary is Theotikos (the source fo Jesus humanity)
    -And that Jesus is homoousios with us humans and his humanity


  4. Ant(h)onyEmphasized the distinction between the human and the divine part of Jesus


  5. Augustus (Ignorance)He was Ordained a presbyter four (4) years after his baptism
    Later ordained a Bishop four (4) years after he was made a presbyter