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  1. Anima
  2. Christ as a Restorer
  3. High Christology
  4. "The Rule"
  5. Adeodatus
  1. a Recapitulation Theory
    -Also called Theosis (meaning deification: which means to become like christ)
    -The eastern church believed that Jesus came to complete our creation, they believed that he would have come even if humans after Adam did not sin.
    -Anthanasius said, " God became human so that we could become more like God"
  2. b -Augustus' son
    -birthed by Augustus' concubine
    -loved very much by Augustus
    -He died very young and his death damn near destroyed Augustus
    -His name means, "Gift of God/ given by God"
  3. c Paints Jesus as divine (Catechetical school in Antioch)
  4. d Regulations about how monks / nuns should live together
  5. e Is Greek for "Soul"

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  1. the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ
  2. Procreation
    Unitive (Strengthening the bonds of love)
  3. Person who made this great studyguide.
  4. giving human qualities to something that isn't human; Augustus did this with the concept of continence.
  5. As understood by Augustine, this is the stain with which all humans are infected by the way of the first sin. It's inheritance seems to be effected by concupiscence, a spontaneous desire that flairs up in our fallen humanity, beyond the control of our rationality.

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  1. continence"Father of Monasticism"; monks and nuns moved ot the desert


  2. ChristologyIs the study of Christ; What you believe about Jesus.


  3. Law of Lovei. Love God above all things
    ii. Love your neighbor as you love yourself


  4. Aurelius Augustinus-Wrote and spoke latin
    -from Thagaste, Nomidia (today called Algeria)
    -Taught rhetoric (argue, debate, speaking, justifying your opinion)
    -Was a great hermeneutic
    - Two greatest books:
    Confessions (Latin: Testimonium)
    City of God


  5. Nestorius-Augustus' lifelong friend
    -His weakness was the circus
    -Was very honest; had a very strong sense of morality
    -Government official; never accepted a bribe