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cold war

period of tensions between the us and soviet union

non aligned nations

nations that refused to take side during cold war

iron curtain

symbolic barrier between the free countrys and the communist countries

marshall plan

13 billion dollar in american aid to europe to help rebuild after WWII

truman doctrine

an american policy that said the us had the right intervien anywhere by any means

domino theory

the idea that if one nation falls to communism its neighbors will fall to

Brezhnev doctrine

soviet unions policy to help anywhere to prevent communism from being taken over


North atlantic treaty orgamization to prevent western europe from being invaded by the soviets

warsaw pact

soviet unions defensive orgamization to protect from easterm europe

cuban missle crisis

soviet union gave nuclear missles to cuba and threatened to use them


worlds first man made satilite made by the soviet union

space race

competition between the us and soviets over who would have an advantage in outer space

hungarian revolution

in 1956 young people tried to over throw the soviet occupation it failed

invasion of czechoslovakia

in 1968 czechoslovakia was threatend by reform movements. soviet union came in with tanks.


strategic arms limitation talks


strategic arms reduction talks

Helsinki accords

Soviets agreement to give civil liberties. They didnt follow through with it though


worlds worste nuclear accident. led to more distrust in soviet union.


policy of openness allowing more freedom of speech


policy of restructuring the economy


broader policy of encouraging democracy

boris yeltsin

first democratically elected president of russia since 1917. he was supported by the us.

valdimir putin

former kgb agent who became president in 1999.he is not very democratic

dmitri medvedev

Current president of russia

pope john paul II

encouraged the people of poland to rebel against communism

lech walesa

polish leader of solidarity.


trade union that was outlawed in communism poland worked with the catholic church to bring down communism in 1988

vaclav havel

poet and writter who led czlovokia peaceful revolution

nicolae ceausescu

communist dictator of romania ovet thrown and killed in 1989

slobodan milosevic

Leader known as the butcher of the balkins for his policy of ethnic cleansing in yugoslavia.

common market

one of the steps european nations have made from econimic towards political unifacation.


includes most of the nations of europe They use a common currency called a euro european parliment, european court of justice and european chief of executive.

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