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  1. Government uses tax revenue to -
  2. proprietorship
  3. using technology lowers -
  4. corporation
  5. An innovation in technology that contributes to the global flow of information
  1. a form of business organization with one owner who takes all the risks and all the profits
  2. b Internet
  3. c the cost of production
  4. d provide public goods and services
  5. e a form of business organization that is authorized by law to act as a legal person regardless of the number of owners

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  1. by paying interest on deposits
  2. person who takes a risk to produce goods and services in search of profit
  3. buy more resources
  4. - to obtain goods and services they cannot produce
    - to obtain goods and services they cannot produce efficiently
    - to seel goods and services
    - to create jobs
  5. investment

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  1. innovations in technologycontribute to the global flow of information, capital, goods and services


  2. examples of private financial institutionsby paying interest on deposits


  3. In the circular flow, individuals use their income to -
    purchase products


  4. In the circular flow, businesses buy resources to -buy more resources


  5. partnershipform of business organization with two or more owners whi share the risks and the profits