CHS Desktop II Unit 2 & 3

Adjacent colors
colors located next to one another on the color wheel
Analogous colors
a palette of compatible color combinations that blend well together
Color scheme
a defined set of colors
Color theory
relationship between colors often based on their location on a color wheel
Color wheel
a circle containing a spectrum of color
Communication of color
eye/mind perception of color; meanings associated with color
Complementary colors
colors located directly opposite one another on the color wheel
Custom colors
color designed by the user specifically for a document
a color; especially a shade of color
Monochromatic colors
all the hues (tints and shades) of a single color
color matching system that uses a series of cards to identify specific colors
Process color
use of many colors in a publication (most commonly CMYK)
the intensity of a hue (or color) representing the amount of gray in proportion to hue
Split-complementary colors
color scheme consisting of one color combined with the two other colors that are located on either side of its opposite color
Spot color
a printing technique that uses one premixed color ink for each color used in a publication
created when white is added to a color
Traidic colors
high energy colors that are found by choosing three colors that are separated by 120 degrees on the color wheel
design that places a graphic or color so that it extends to the edge of the paper leaving no visible margins.
one of two or more vertical sections of typed lines lying side by side on a page and separated by a rule or a blank space
repetitive text that appears at the bottom of all pages in a publication
a doucment that usually contains blank spaces for answers or information to be inserted
text and/or graphics appearing at the top of each page in a document
an alphabetical listing of names and topics along with page numbers where they are discussed or found in a publication
Master pages
pages that contain reoccurring items such as page numbers as well as other design elements
one of two or more horizontal sections of typed lines lying above or below each other on a page and separated by a rule or a blank space
a named group of character and paragraph formats that can be applied to text
a grid of rows and columns that intersect to form cells into which information can be typed
Table of contents
a listing of the major entries in a publication
a document or file with preset formatting used as a starting point for creating a new document
Design principles
emphasis, contrast, balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, unity, and variety
A particular gradiant of color such as a shade or tint
The intensity of a hue representing the amount of gray in proportion
Similar to a nameplate; It repeats the name, page # and sometimes the date often used on every page
Take away or clip from a photo image to add emphasis to the picture
Enlarge Image
To expand or make a photo bigger to draw attention to the subject of the photo
Pull Quote
A sentence, phrase or something said by a person in a article that is creatively highlighted in a newsletter
Capitalization of all words in a heading or nameplate
Capitalization of only the first letter of important words in a heading or nameplate
End sign
Symbols or images used indicate the end of an article