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When was Steinbeck born?
When did Steinbeck die?
What did Californians do to people who were migrating to CA in an attempt to escape the dust bowl?
They used those people because there were so many of them and they paid them small portions for a long day of work.
Who once said "Talent alone cannot make a writer. There must be a man behind the book."?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Where was Steinbeck born?
Salinas, California
How long did Steinbeck stay in CA?
He spent the first 23 years of his life there.
Salinas, CA is known as the fertile valley and also what because why?
Salad Bowl of the Nation due to the large amount of produce grown in the area
At what age did Steinbeck know he wanted to be a writer?
What is a piece of advice that many successful writers give?
Write what you know
Where do the settings of most of Steinbeck's book take place?
The Fertile Salinas Valley
What is a transcendentalist and who is an example of this?
They are people who have a very strong belief in nature and not conforming; if you spend more time in nature you will become spiritual. Thoreau is a prime example.
What was his family like?
He had working parents and three sisters.
Where did he graduate High School from?
Salinas High School
What college did he attend?
Attended Stanford University but did NOT graduate
What did Steinbeck do instead of graduating from Stanford?
Worked on freelance writing (writes what he wants and is waiting for publication)
What has Steinbeck's childhood home been turned into?
Restaurant and gift shop
In what year did he move to New York?
What jobs did he work while in New York?
Worked odd jobs including manual labor and constructing Madison Square Garden
Steinbeck moved from New York back to California in what year and did what?
1926; continued to write, but he could not find a publisher
What novel did he publish in 1929?
Cup of Gold
Who did he marry in 1930 and when did they get a divorce?
Married Carol Henning and divorced in 1942
What did the Great Depression do to Steinbeck's writing?
Made his desire to write about common people stronger
What type of writer is Steinbeck?
Naturalist writer
What was Steinbeck's nickname and how did he get it?
Champion of the common man because he gave a voice to the common man
In what year did the stock market crash?
What did the Midwest experience in the 1930s?
What were farmers told to do during the dustbowl?
Cut back on production of goods
What did Steinbeck see a direct link between?
Man and his environment
What did Steinbeck hear and witness during the Dustbowl?
He heard the dreams of first-hand migrant workers looking for a better life in America and witnessed the prejudice and injustice experienced by man who labored in the California fields.
What four states were hit the hardest and eventually the people were forced to leave their homes and everything behind?
What was published in 1932?
The Pastures of Heaven
What was published in 1933?
The Red Pony & To a God Unknown
What was published in 1934?
The Murder
What prize did the short story "The Murder" win?
O. Henry Prize
What was published in 1935?
Tortilla Flat (first major success as a writer)
What was published in 1936?
The Dubious Battle
What was published in 1937?
Of Mice and Men
What was published in 1938?
The Long Valley (a series of short stories)
What is O. Henry's real name?
William Sydney Porter
What type of book is Of Mice and Men and what is it about?
It's a novella about the dreams of a pair of migrant laborers working the California soil, who must suffer the cruelty of prejudice and the loneliness of being considered "misfits" where conformity is prize.
When did Steinbeck complete Of Mice and Men?
How old was Steinbeck when he finished Of Mice and Men?
What happened to half of Steinbeck's first draft of Of Mice and Men?
it was destroyed by Steinbeck's dog and had to be rewritten
What was Steinbeck originally going to call Of Mice and Men?
Something that Happened
Whose poem inspired Steinbeck's title Of Mice and Men and what was this book called?
Robert Burn's poem To a Mouse
In what year was Steinbeck awarded a Nobel Prize and what was it for?
Awarded in 1962 the Nobel Prize for Literature (for a collection of work unlike the Pullitzer Prize)
When was The Grapes of Wrath published?
When was the movie for The Grapes of Wrath released?
What did The Grapes of Wrath receive in 1940?
Pullitzer Prize
What was The Grapes of Wrath about?
It exposed exploitation and suffering of farm workers and described resilience of common people.
What is an example of how people hated The Grapes of Wrath?
People burned copies of it in front of a library in Salinas, California
What did Steinbeck do when The Grapes of Wrath fell off the best seller list in a year?
He celebrated
What was The Chrysanthemums about and when was it published?
It exposed the limits placed on women in the 1930s especially in rural areas and it was published in 1938.
What was published in 1941?
The Forgotten Village
What was published in 1942?
The Moon is Down
Who inspired Steinbeck?
Alfred Hitchcock
What was published in 1942?
Bombs Away
What was published in 1944?
Movie Lifeboat for Hitchcock
The second time Steinbeck moved to New York what did he do?
He became a war correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune
What did he publish in 1945?
Cannery Row
When did Steinbeck publish The Pearl?
When Steinbeck moved home to Salinas Valley the second time what did he do?
He divorced his second wife Gwyndolyn Conger (1943-1948)
Who is Steinbeck's third wife?
Elaine Anderson Scott
When did Steinbeck marry his third wife?
Back in California Steinbeck (second time) he published The Log From the Sea of Cortez first then East of Eden. In what two years were these books published?
1951 & 1952
Sweet Thursday was published in what year?
What was published in 1957?
The Short Reign of Pippin IV
What was published in 1958?
Once there was a War
What was published in 1961?
The Winter of Our Discontentment
Travels With Charley: In Search of America was published in what year?
America and Americans was published in what year?
What went on with the writing of Travels With Charley: In Search of America?
Steinbeck travelled with his dog Charley and travelled the country because he wanted to reconnect with American and its citizens.
How did Crooks get his nickname?
He had a crooked back because a horse had kicked him.
Who was Crooks?
A black stable buck that took care of animals
Who was discriminated against in Of Mice and Men?
Black people, Women, and Mentally disabled people
What river did George tell Lennie to jump into even though he knew Lennie couldn't swim?
Sacramento River
What does Steinbeck say about writers?
He says that they have no place in literature if they don't write about the resilience of common people.
What president did Steinbeck know personally?
What presidents did Steinbeck write speeches for?
John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson
What does Steinbeck say about power?
"Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts...perhaps the fear of a loss of power."
What was the purpose for Steinbeck's literature?
- Concern for the welfare of common people
- Expose the corrupt actions of others
- Celebrate the resilience of people
- Often writers don't write what people want to hear
When writers write the truth what are they often called?
What happened as result of things people saw as major injustices?
Literary crusades
Who were considered the three most profound naturalist writers?
Steinbeck, Stephen Crane, and Jack London
What did Crane, London, and Steinbeck all have a background in?
What did Crane, London, and Steinbeck all focus on?
Focused on the power inherent to nature and the extremes people go through to survive
What are qualities of naturalism?
- Everyone has emotions that lead to unacceptable behavior
- Man struggles to survive in an indifferent environment
- The environment influences one's development
- Belief in determinism
When was Of Mice and Men released on film?
When was the Tortilla Flat released on film?
When was The Pearl (La Perla) released on film?
When was East of Eden released on film?
How can Steinbeck's personality be described in 4 ways?
Loved people
Thought becoming too well-known would compromise his writing
Died with a lot of money but didn't want it
What does writing in layers mean?
It means one is a subtle writer and you always have to be on the look-out for messages and ideas below the surface of the plot.
What is regionalism?
Accurately portraying a specific geographic location
What is colloquialism?
use of slang, relaxed speech, and the author's casual narration
What are allusions?
references to historical and literary people, places, & events in order to help the reader experience the world outside the limits of the story itself
Where did Steinbeck accept his Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962?
Stockholm, Sweden
What did Steinbeck do in 1967?
Travelled to report on Vietnam
What did Steinbeck die from in 1968?
heart attack
On what exact day did Steinbeck die?
December 20th 1968
Where was Steinbeck when he died?
New York
How old was Steinbeck when he died?
How many sons did Steinbeck have with his second wife?
Steinbeck's legacy?
- Showed up on stamps
- Works read around world
- Germane themes for then and now
- Pioneer in writing with ecological perspective
- Model for individual freedom of thought and social equality