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What is demography?

the study of the size, composition, growth, and distribution of human populations

What is the Malthus Theorem?

the idea that population grows geometrically and the food supply increases arithmetically

Who was the English economist who saw the surging growth of the world population as a sign of global doom?

the idea that population grows geometrically and the food supply increases arithmetically

What is a pattern of growth in which numbers double during approximately equal intervals, resulting in an acceleration of growth during the final stages?

exponential growth curve

From the beginning of time, how long did it take the world's population to reach its first billion people?

1800 AD

In the demographic transition theory, a "population explosion" traditionally occurs in the ________ stage.


What continent is suggested to have the greatest incidence of population shrinkage?


According to the symbolic interactionist perspective, why do women in poor nations bear a large number of children?

Large families are rewarded socially and economically.

The percentage of population by _____ and _____ are the variables most often included on a population pyramid?

sex ; age

A declining standard of living is most likely to create . . .

political instability

What term do demographers use to refer to the number of children an average woman bears?

fertility rate

In Least Industrialized Nations and among many traditional groups, women bear 20 to 22 children in their lifetime. This is near the maximum number of children that women are capable of bearing, which is referred to as ________.


To determine a country's growth rate, what three variables would a demographer use?

fertility, mortality, migration

The region of the world with the highest number of legal immigrants is ___________.

North America

Carla has been asked to figure out last year's growth rate for the United States. She is using a formula that starts with births, subtracts the number of deaths, and then adds the net migration. What is another name for this formula?

The basic demographic equation

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