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Jamestown: What was it?
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Northern: What role did population play?mostly white and puritans.Northern: What role did slavery play?Due to the poor agriculture they had few slaves.Middle: What role did geography play?They grew good cash crops, but not all year round.Middle: What role did industry play?They traded a lot, one of the biggest traders (they ran the show) very big in New York and Pennsylvania.Middle: What role did agriculture play?They did make some money when it was in season but they didn't use that to survive.Middle: What role did the government play?They used a combination of town meetings, assembles, and a bit of a royal government with England.Middle: What role did population play?There were a lot, many different types of people from different countries like french, dutch, german, and a lot more.Middle: What role did slavery play?Slavery was more than in new england because they had a okish cash crops. Definitely way less than the southern colonies.Southern: What role did geography play?They had great farming, amazing cash crops and they had great land.Southern: What role did industry play?They farmed all year long, they relied on it, also slavery for having a successful plantation.Southern: What role did agriculture play?Played a huge tremendous role because they had great land they could make cash crops all year round, and they had the slaves to do the work.Southern: What role did the government play?Elected representatives and like house of burgesses.Southern: What role did population play?The population was mostly slaves, the slaves outnumbered the amount of slave owners. (define slave codes)Southern: What role did slavery play?Slavery played a huge part in the southern because of the cash crops, the slave owners were outnumbered by the slaves.Slavery: Why was it needed?There were so many farms, slaves were cheap and efficient, they knew what they were doing, and they were allowed to be owned like animals.Slavery: Who was involved?Mostly the Southern Colonies, England, Europe, and Africa.Slavery: Difference between subsistence farming and cash cropCash crops were crops that farmers used to survive, and subsistence was used just for money.Triangular Trade: What was the route?It was a route between North America, South America, West Indies, Africa, and Europe, they exchanged things between the routes.Triangular Trade: What was traded?Things like slaves, tabaco, cash crops, manufacturing goods, and raw material were what was traded.Triangular Trade: Who was involved?It was a trade between North America, South America, West Indies, Africa, and Europe.Triangular Trade: Middle Passage?A harsh voyage where Africans were taken from their homes to become slaves. It transported slaves across the atlantic. Many diseases spread and people died, and really harshly treated.Navigation Acts: What was it?This is what made it illegal to sell to countries other than England.Navigation Acts: Who was involved?The colonists and England were involved.Navigation Acts: What were its effects on the relationship between the colonists and Britain?The colonists were ticked off and they were very angry because the British were taking their money.Importance of mercantilismA nation's power is in its wealth. Profitable trading.Importance of export and importTo get money from selling and buying things that are needed and essential.Glorious Revolution: What was it?An exchange of popper When Mary took over it happened peacefully.Glorious Revolution: Who was involved?The king (james) his daughter mary and her husband william.Glorious Revolution: What were its effects on the relationship between the colonists and Britain?It was one thing they could agree on that they didn't like the king.Importance of Magna Carta?Limited the power of the king.Importance of English Bill of RightsThe baby of the magna carter, it limits the power of the King, copies the magna carta.Great Awakening: What was it?It was a religious movement so that the colonists could have a personal relationship with god.Great Awakening: Who was involved?Jonathan, the ministers and the colonists.Great Awakening: What were its effects on the unity of the colonies?It helped build the colonies up like how it made education popular and how they made ivy league schools.Importance of Civic VirtueIdeas, practices, and values that form a truly free society.Enlightenment: What was it?A movment that emphasized human reason and individualism.Enlightenment: Who was involved?John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson.Enlightenment: What were its effects on the growth of the colonies?It prompted americans to debate political, social, and religious question.French and Indian War: What was it?A war between Britain and France, the french had the Indians on their side. ( lasted 7 years)French and Indian War: Importance of ohio river valley?A way for the French to access the sea and French markets. They sold fur and were profiting off of it.French and Indian War: Who was involved?The French, Native Americans and the British were involved.French and Indian War: Importance of Iroquois Confederacy?The Iroquois Confederacy were the only Native Americans that were willing to help the British.French and Indian War: What were the effects of its outcome on the relationship between the colonies and Britain?The colonies started to get stronger and the British started to get weaker. Also, in Europe, this war started a war known as the seven year war.Importance of Treaty of Paris of 1763The treaty of Paris gave England all of the French territory east of Mississippi and Spain territory of Florida.Importance of Albany Plan of Union?The first formal attempt to unite the colonies.Importance of Proclamation of 1763?King George the third created the Proclamation of 1763, which made it illegal to live past the Appalachian Mountains.QuakersVery nice people that were about freedom, nonviolent, they believed in equality.Pilgrims/SeparatistsSperatus wanted to separate from the churchPuritansThe Puritans wanted to reform the church, having a strict religion.AnglicansThey were striped christians, strticked christianity.CatholicsBelieved in the pope in the bible, persecuted in england because that not what the church of england believed it.ProtestantsPeople who believe in the church of england.