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Types of Diction

Diction definitions for Lang and Comp
Refers to a group of recently coined words often used in informal situations.
Colloquial Expressions
Non standard, usually regional. Ways of using language appropriate to informal or conversational speech and writing. (Y'all)
Words and expressions characteristic of a particular trade, profession and pursuit.
A nonstandard subgroup of a language with its own vocabulary and grammar features. Writers often use regional dialects or dialects that reveal a person's economic or social class.
Concrete Diction
Specific words that describe physical qualities or
Abstract Diction
Refers to language that denotes ideas, emotions,
conditions, or concepts that are intangible.
The implicit rather than explicit meaning of a word; consists
of the suggestions, associations, and emotional overtones attached to a word.
The exact, literal definition of a word independent of any
emotional association or secondary meaning.