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Windows Server 2008 - Network Infrastructure Practice Mid-Term

Windows Server 2008 - Network Infrastructure mid-term
One benefit of the hierarchical structure of DNS is that it is possible to have two hosts with the same host names that are in different locations in the hierarchy.
DHCP cannot dynamically allocate an IP address from a pool of addresses and then reclaim it when it is no longer needed.
IPv6 uses 128 bits, or 16 bytes, for addressing, thus providing 2128 (about 340 billion) unique addresses.
Using DHCP relay agents eliminates the need to have a DHCP server on every subnet.
Dynamic IP addresses can be assigned when administering TCP/IP hosts. These addresses must be configured and maintained manually.
Which of the following is not a benefit of DHCP?
portability of workstations
What is the primary means of identifying network devices and services in a Windows Server 2008 network?
The process of obtaining an IP address for a computer name (for example, "ComputerA") is called __________.
name resolution
Of the several key components of subnetting that are listed below, which is the most accurate description?
Systems within a subnet need not be burdened with information about external network addressing
Which of the following is not a top-level domain name?
The routing service included with Windows Server 2008 is better suited for __________.
a smaller network
Network Access Protection was introduced with which operating system?
Windows Server 2008
If you use DHCP with an alternate configuration and the DHCP client cannot locate a DHCP server, the alternate configuration is used to configure the network adapter. No additional discovery attempts are made except under what conditions?
All of the above
To comply with RFC 1542 and provide relay agent support, each router must be able to recognize __________.
BOOTP and DHCP protocol messages and relay them appropriately
A starting address of and an ending address of is a member of which network class?
Class C
IPv4 addresses are commonly represented by using what type of notation?
Which feature is an integral part of IPv6, whereas it was an optional feature under IPv4?
IP security
The DHCP relay agent listens for which messages that are broadcast from the client?
All of the above
What service provides the ability to use a Windows Server 2008 computer as a router, which passes network traffic from one TCP/IP network to another, as well as for remote access capabilities using either dial-up or VPN technology?
Routing and Remote Access
Where would you find the Alternate Configuration tab?
Internet Protocol Properties page
DHCP is based heavily on which protocol?
Which of the following is not a function of DHCP?
transmitting data from one network to another
Which of the following is not a component of DNS?
DNS relay agent
Which of the following strings does not represent the same IPv6 address?
To support and use the DHCP service across multiple subnets, routers connecting each subnet should comply with the DHCP/BOOTP relay agent capabilities described in __________.
RFC 1542
Because the software is installed into a single partition, the specified minimum storage requirements actually apply to the space within the partition being used and not to the total drive size.
If you set the IP address manually, you will not need to provide DNS server information manually.
ICS turns your computer into a router so that other computers on the local network can access its Internet connection.
By default, the Windows Firewall is turned off.
If you inappropriately allowed network discovery in a public network environment (for example, an Internet café), you would allow total strangers to see and access any file shares on your system.
Each host on a TCP/IP network should be configured with a number of mandatory and optional configuration items except for which of the following?
routing method
If a system will be a DHCP server, what type of address should you set?
static IP address
Windows Server 2008 (and all Microsoft operating systems going back to Windows 2000) supports which two types of hard disks?
basic and dynamic
What is made up of free space from multiple physical disks?
spanned volume
Which type of volume is made up of free space from multiple disks and uses RAID-0 striping to interleave data across the disks, thus improving the read performance of the volume?
striped volume
Which type of volume consists of free space contained on a single physical disk?
simple volume
Which partition style is recommended for disks larger than 2TB or for disks that are used in Itanium computers?
A computer running Server Core will allow you to launch which of the following consoles?
Windows Registry Editor
A Server Core installation includes which of the following programs?
Windows Notepad
Best practices when installing Windows Server 2008 recommends installing the software onto which type of media?
fresh or previously used media
You can configure network settings on a Windows Server 2008 computer by using a number of different tools with the exception of which of the following?
File and Print Sharing Wizard
The default installation of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition allows you to install 17 different server roles. Which of the following is not a role that you can install?
System File Services
You can configure the DNS Server role by using which console?
Server Manager
Which feature allows recovery of operating system state, files, folders, and application data by periodically creating a snapshot of the full server or selected volumes?
Windows Server Backup
You can manage disks and partitions in Windows Server 2008 by using which tool?
Disk Management tools
A striped volume uses which type of striping to interleave data across the disks?
Which operating system does not support dynamic disks?
Windows NT
What is the minimum number of physical computers required to allow you to use a KMS key?
25 Vista and five Windows Server 2008 computers
Which method is not a possibility when activating A MAK key?
Once a Server Core computer is installed, how can it be managed locally?
command-line utilities
DHCP frees system administrators from manually configuring each host on the network.
The smaller the network, the greater the benefit of using a dynamic address assignment.
DHCP provides three key benefits to those managing and maintaining a TCP/IP network.
The key aspect of the DHCP process is that it is dynamic.
Once a DHCP scope is defined and exclusion ranges are applied, the remaining addresses form what is called an available address pool within the scope.
The Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP) was designed for what reason?
for diskless workstations that had no means of permanently storing their TCP/IP settings
RARP was essentially the opposite of what protocol?
BOOTP enables a TCP/IP workstation to retrieve settings for all of the configuration parameters it needs to run excluding which option?
workstation settings
Which of the following is not a key benefit provided by DHCP for those managing and maintaining a TCP/IP network?
de-centralized administration
The core function of DHCP is to __________.
assign addresses
What computer provides DHCP configuration information to multiple clients?
DHCP server
Sent by clients via broadcast to locate a DHCP server per RFC 2131, which message may include options that suggest values for the network address and lease duration?
Which of the following is sent by a DHCP server to a DHCP client to confirm an IP address and provide the client with those configuration parameters that the client has requested and the server is configured to provide?
The initial DHCP lease process is accomplished by using a series of exchanges between a DHCP client and DHCP server that utilizes four messages. Which of the following is not a message that is used?
All DHCP servers that receive the DHCPDISCOVER message and have a valid configuration for the client will broadcast __________.
The broadcast DHCPREQUEST message contains all of the following information except __________.
DNS information for the client
A DHCP client will perform the initial lease process in all of the following situations with the exception of __________.
after every reboot
If you use DHCP with an alternate configuration and the DHCP client cannot locate a DHCP server, the alternate configuration is used to configure the network adapter. Additional discovery attempts are made under what condition?
All of the above
The IP addresses defined in a DHCP scope must be __________.
both A and B
Which of the following apply to all clients within a scope and are the most frequently used set of options?
scope options
Which of the following is not a database function used to manage the DHCP database?
What criteria must be met by the server before using the Reconcile feature to verify client information for a DHCP scope from the registry?
You must restore the DHCP server registry keys, or they must remain intact from previous service operations on the server computer.
Which file is used by the DHCP database as a temporary storage file during database index maintenance operations (this file sometimes resides in the %systemroot%\System32\Dhcp directory after a system failure)?
The MAC address can be obtained by keying in __________ at the command line.
ipconfig /all
After the client receives an offer from at least one DHCP server, it broadcasts a DHCPREQUEST message to all DHCP servers with as the source address and __________ as the destination address.
To conserve disk space, DNS servers store only the most recent updates.
The primary DNS server for a zone is not required to perform an incremental zone transfer.
For replication of Active Directory-integrated zones, DNS notification is needed.
Scavenging is enabled by default.
As long as the TTL for a cached resource record does not expire, a DNS server can continue to cache and use the resource record again when answering queries by its clients that match these resource records.
In a Windows Server 2008 network, the primary means of locating network devices and network services is through the use of __________.
In what year was DNS introduced?
Which of the following is not considered a top-level domain?
What type of zone might a DNS server host?
Which of the following is not a forward or reverse lookup zone type?
Which zone hosts a read/write copy of the DNS zone in which resource records are created and managed?
standard primary zone
Which zone is a copy of a zone that contains only those resource records necessary to identify the authoritative DNS servers for that zone?
stub zone
Which zone enables a host to determine another host's name based on its IP address?
reverse lookup zone
What are two types of Active Directory-integrated zones?
forward and reverse
Active Directory-integrated zones follow what type of update model?
Where are zone transfers initiated?
secondary server
Which operating system does not support zone transfers?
Windows NT
DNS zone file resource records are represented as __________.
text entries
Which of the following is a 32-bit integer representing the maximum time, in seconds, that a DNS server or client caches this resource record before it is discarded?
After sending a zone transfer request, which option shows how long (in seconds) the zone's secondary server waits before sending another request?
What is the length of time that the DNS service waits before retrying a query made during a recursive lookup?
3 seconds
What is the length of time that the DNS service waits before failing a recursive lookup that has been retried?
15 seconds
A conditional forwarder in an Active Directory environment can be replicated to any of the following except all __________.
domain controllers in the forest
You can use the DNS console to manually or automatically test DNS servers by submitting all of the following queries except __________.
both B and C
Nslookup can be used for which of the following?
all of the above
When most traffic is synchronous, as in voice and video transmissions, VPN is your best option.
By default, the Callback Options setting is configured as No Callback.
By using the Routing and Remote Access service, Windows Server 2008 can be configured as a router and remote access server.
A hub examines the destination and source address of an incoming data frame and forwards the frame to the appropriate destination port according to the destination address.
A static-routed IP environment is best suited to small, single-path, static IP internetworks.
Routers are considered components of which layer?
layer 3
For best results, the internetwork should be limited to fewer than how many subnets with an easily predicted traffic pattern (such as arranged consecutively in a straight line)?
Windows Server 2008 includes all of the following routing protocols that can be added to the Routing and Remote Access service with the exception of __________.
How can you view the IP routing table?
both B & C
Which entries refer to a separate multicast route?
Which of the following is the limited broadcast address that is general for all networks and routers?
Which column of the IP Routing Table indicates the gateway value for each routing table entry?
Of the four types of routes that can be found in a routing table, which of the following cannot be found?
client routes
Which option enables internal clients to connect to the Internet using a single, external IP address?
network address translation
What type of connectivity creates a secure point-to-point connection across either a private network or a public network, such as the Internet?
virtual private network
An NPS Network Policy, which is a rule for evaluating remote connections, consists of which of the following items?
all of the above
What encryption type is used for dial-up and PPTP-based VPN connections with a 40-bit key?
basic encryption
Which mutual authentication method offers encryption of both authentication data and connection data?
Which generic authentication method offers encryption of authentication data through the MD5 hashing scheme?
Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)
Which generic authentication method does not encrypt authentication data?
Shiva Password Authentication Protocol (SPAP)
802.1X provides port-based security through the use of all of the following components with the exception of a(n) __________.
What term refers to the device that is seeking access to the network, such as a laptop attempting to access a wireless access point?
Which one-way authentication method offers encryption of both authentication data and connection data (the same cryptographic key is used in all connections; this method supports older Windows clients, such as Windows 95 and Windows 98)?
One example of an NPS Policy Setting includes IP properties that specify IP address assignment behavior. Which of the following is not an option?
Client Must Supply an IP Address
By default, the Callback Options setting is configured as __________.
No Callback