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  1. What are the three main types of services
  2. What two patterns are most clustered rural settlements?
  3. What were southeastern colonies' settlements like?
  4. What is a nodal region
  5. What is the Kremlin?
  1. a The medieval walled area of central Moscow and where russian military leaders work
  2. b small, dispersed farms at first. Then plantations grew
  3. c Circular or linear
  4. d consumer, business, and public services
  5. e A region with a core where the characteristic is most intense

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  1. Hamlet or village
  2. In U.S, having a regular hierarchy means that the society is wealthy enough for the provision of services. In LDCS, not having a rank-size rule means there isn't enough wealth to provide services
  3. areas where a number of families live in close proximity with fields surrounding the collection of houses and farms
  4. centers of military power
  5. the maximum distance people are willing to travel to use a service- small range: convenience store, large range: sports stadium

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  1. What were middle atlantic colonies' settlements like?Since there was a wide variety of cultures, and most came as individuals dispersed settlements became popular.


  2. What do public services do and examplesSecurity and protection- gov, police, fire, public education


  3. What is a servicethe minimum number of people needed to support the service


  4. Where do periodic markets provide their goods?to residents of LDCS and in rural areas of MDCS with small populations and low incomes


  5. What 2 things determine the size of a market area?Hexagon- doesn't cause gaps, and has closer related distances from center


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