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  1. Where does the central place theory apply most clearly and why?
  2. What creates a regular pattern of settlements?
  3. What were the disadvantages to dispersed settlements?
  4. Where are services clustered
  5. What did European countries do to improve agricultural production?
  1. a In the Great Plains- aren't heavily industrialized or interrupted by major physical features (rivers/mountains)
  2. b in settlements
  3. c lost time moving between fields, had to build more roads to connect the small lots, and farmers had been restricted to what they could plant
  4. d Competition between central places
  5. e converted their rural landscapes from clustered to dispersed with the enclosure movement (G.B)- consolidated individually owned strips of land into a single large farm owned by an individual

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  1. 1. the greater the number of people living in an area, the greater the number of potential customers 2. the farther people are from a particular service, the less likely they are to use it
  2. Circles leave gaps and can cause overlapping. With a square, the distance from the center varies among points along a square
  3. When settlements developed, they needed protection and developed public services
  4. Circular or linear
  5. the minimum number of people needed to support the service

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  1. What are dispersed rural settlements?farmers living on individual farms isolated from neighbors rather alongside them


  2. What do public services do and examplesSecurity and protection- gov, police, fire, public education


  3. What are clustered rural settlements?areas where a number of families live in close proximity with fields surrounding the collection of houses and farms


  4. What produces a regular pattern of hierarchy?Ranking settlements from largest to smallest (in population)


  5. What type of service are the majority of people in and why?Business- higher demand and better pay