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  1. What is the Kremlin?
  2. Why/who did business services begin with?
  3. What are dispersed rural settlements?
  4. What is the market area/hinterland?
  5. Why and who did consumer services begin with?
  1. a the area surrounding a service from which customers are attracted
  2. b The medieval walled area of central Moscow and where russian military leaders work
  3. c farmers living on individual farms isolated from neighbors rather alongside them
  4. d began in settlements with hunters and gatherers. Permanent settlement was made to store these goods and then the resources were traded
  5. e Began with nomads who focused on burying dead

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  1. Circular or linear
  2. lost time moving between fields, had to build more roads to connect the small lots, and farmers had been restricted to what they could plant
  3. provide services for people who desire it (don't NEED it) and can pay for it (ex: Retail, leisure activities- restaurants and hotels, education-private and college, health- fitness and plastic surgery)
  4. A region with a core where the characteristic is most intense
  5. Ranking settlements from largest to smallest (in population)

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  1. What are other names for clustered rural settlements?Hamlet or village


  2. What is the primate city rulethe country's nth-largest settlement is 1/n the population of the largest settlement (the 2nd largest is 1/2 the size of the largest)


  3. What type of economic activity is services?consumer, business, and public services


  4. What type of service are the majority of people in and why?Business- higher demand and better pay


  5. what do business services do and examplesSecurity and protection- gov, police, fire, public education