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  1. What is the central place theory and who proposed it?
  2. What is the best shape to use for market areas and why?
  3. What is a service
  4. What are the three main types of services
  5. What pattern should a rank-size rule have on a graph?
  1. a Hexagon- doesn't cause gaps, and has closer related distances from center
  2. b explains how services are distributed and why a regular pattern of settlements exists (in MDCS)-proposed by Walter Christaller
  3. c Should be a straight line- if it isn't, that means the society doesn't have a rank-size distribution of settlements
  4. d consumer, business, and public services
  5. e Something that fulfills a want or need to return $ to those who provide it

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  1. They are considered more efficient
  2. The medieval walled area of central Moscow and where russian military leaders work
  3. the minimum number of people needed to support the service
  4. lost time moving between fields, had to build more roads to connect the small lots, and farmers had been restricted to what they could plant
  5. centers of military power

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  1. What is wrong with using circles or squares for market areas?Circles leave gaps and can cause overlapping. With a square, the distance from the center varies among points along a square


  2. What do consumer services do and examplesprovide services for people who desire it (don't NEED it) and can pay for it (ex: Retail, leisure activities- restaurants and hotels, education-private and college, health- fitness and plastic surgery)


  3. What creates a regular pattern of settlements?Competition between central places


  4. What is the primate city rulethe largest settlement has more than twice as many people as the 2nd ranking settlement


  5. What is the market area/hinterland?The medieval walled area of central Moscow and where russian military leaders work