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  1. What happened in clustered rural settlements when the population grew too large for the fields?
  2. What is a nodal region
  3. What creates a regular pattern of settlements?
  4. What is a central place?
  5. What is the central place theory and who proposed it?
  1. a A market center for the exchange of goods and services by people attracted from the surrounding area
  2. b Competition between central places
  3. c New settlements- called satellite settlements, were established nearby because not all land was under cultivation
  4. d explains how services are distributed and why a regular pattern of settlements exists (in MDCS)-proposed by Walter Christaller
  5. e A region with a core where the characteristic is most intense

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  1. 1. largest growth in professional services especially engineers because of demand 2. Growth in health care industry 3. Stable growth in retail 4. Slow growth in finance and transportation
  2. cultural bonds had weakened, descendants of original settlers grew less interested in the religious and cultural values.
  3. farmers living on individual farms isolated from neighbors rather alongside them
  4. Range and threshold
  5. Hexagon- doesn't cause gaps, and has closer related distances from center

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  1. What did European countries do to improve agricultural production?converted their rural landscapes from clustered to dispersed with the enclosure movement (G.B)- consolidated individually owned strips of land into a single large farm owned by an individual


  2. what do business services do and examplesa service that facilitates other businesses- FIRE (finance, insurance, real estate), professional management (lawyers, accounting, architecture, design) and transportation (trucking-semis and metra, broadcasting, electricity)


  3. What do public services do and examplesSecurity and protection- gov, police, fire, public education


  4. Why/who did public services begin with?began in settlements with hunters and gatherers. Permanent settlement was made to store these goods and then the resources were traded


  5. Where are services clusteredcenters of military power