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General Surgery I


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The ampulla of Vater is dilated for
common duct stones
Select the procedure that requires isolation of instruments from rest of operative field
1. open intestinal anastomosis
2. common duct exploration
3. exteriorization of colostomy
4. esophagomyotomy
A longitudinal ulcer in the anal canal is ___ and ___ is a tubular tract that has its skin opening beside the anus.
fissure in ano, fistula in ano
Protrusion of viscera through the abdominal incision following surgery is
All of the following conditions require immediate surgery except
massive rectal prolapse
Cessation of peristalsis is
paralytic ileus
An abdominal incision made parallel and about 4cm lateral to midline is a ___ incision.
paramedian rectus
Which statements concerning hernias is not true?
direct hernia leaves the abdomen through the inguinal ring
Subtotal gastric resection with gatrojejunostomy anterior to the transverse colon is a ___ procedure.
billroth II
A saccular dilation leading from the lumen of the bowel is a
The surgical procedure for carcinoma of the head of the pancreas is a ___ operation.
Vagotomy is performed with partial gastrectomy for peptic ulcer disease to
decrease secreation of hydrochloric acid
Esophageal varices occur when an increase in ___ obstruction forces ___ blood to seek a new avenue of return to the ___.
portal vein, venous, right atrium
A roux-y procedure for common duct repair is a
Surgical bypass procedure for portal hypertension is a shunt between ___ and ___ or between ___ and ___.
portal vein, inferior vena cava, splenic vein, left renal vein
All of the following cause intestinal obstruction except
Which statement concerning the thyroid is not true?
thyroid crisis can occur in a patient with hyperthyroidism
Which statement concerning small bowel obstruction is not true?
it causes distention of distal intestine
In wotf is a loop colostomy done?
bowel decompression
Wotf must be sutured to close an upper paramedian incision
1. anterior rectus sheath
2. rectus abdominus muscle
3. posterior rectus sheath
4. peritoneum
A benign intestinal tumor is ___ while ___ is malignant.
fibromata, lymphosarcoma
Which statement concerning splenectomy is not true?
surgery causes an increase in antibody production
Wotf does not require immediate surgery
*fecal impaction
*sigmoid colon volvulus
*paralytic ileus
The four major sources of blood supply to the stomach are
right and left gastroepiploic, right and left gastric
Anastomosis between the small intestine and colon is a