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what's the KVP setting for the Spot-Hip Frog-leg shot?

74 KVP

Where is the central ray positioned for an A-P Lumbar shot?

1'' Superior to the Iliac Crest-approximately the belly button

What is the KVP setting for a lateral Lumbar shot?

90 KVP

What is the KVP setting for a P-A Chest shot?

110 KVP

What is the FFD for a lateral Thoracic Shot?

72", no tube tilt

What is the cassette size for an A-P Thoracic shot?

Black, 14"x17"

The top of the cassette for an A-P pelvis shot should be positioned where?

1" above the Iliac Crest

What is the collimation for an A-P L5/S1 spot shot?

6" squared

what is the KVP setting for all Cervical shots?

70 KVP

What is the purpose in shooting an Oblique Posterior Cervical x-ray?

to see the Intervertebral Formina

What FFD is an KUB shot taken at?

40", no tube tilt

What is the cassette size for most Cervical shots?

Black, 8"x10"

What Cervical shots include a tube tilt?

AP Lower cervical, and Right and Left Posterior Oblique shots, both are 15 degrees Cephalad

What is the FFD for a Cervical Lateral Neutral shot?

72", no tube tilt

Where is the Central Ray positioned for an AP lower Cervical shot? (neck)

At C-6 or slightly below the thyroid cartlidge

what is the cassette size for an Oblique Posterior Rib shot at 60 degrees?

Black, 8"x10"

How are the legs positioned for an AP Spot-Hip shot?

Rotated 15 degrees medially

The KVP for an AP Thoracic shot is what?

80 KVP

What is the FFD for a left anterior rib shot at 30 degrees?

40", no tube tilt

What is the Cassette size for a Frog-Leg Hip shot?

Black, 10"x12",

What KVP is used for a KUB shot?

70 KVP

The Central Ray for an AP Spot-Hip shot is placed where?

on the Mid-Femoral Neck (find femoral pulse, in crook of leg)

What is the cassette size used for a KUB shot?

Black, 14"x17",

What is the cassette size used for a Ferguson View shot?

Black, 10"x12",

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