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Myers Social Psych Final

Social psychology is the scientific study of
how people think about, influence, and relate to one another.
Contemporary social psychology emphasizes the
power of the situation.
power of the person.
applicability of social psychological principles.
Social psychology is to _____________ as sociology is to ________________.
individuals; groups
Evolutionary psychologists argue that the forces of natural selection predispose us
to particular actions and reactions when dating and mating.
Which of the following examples is a question a social psychologist would be most likely to study?
In deciding how people will vote in an election, are individuals more influenced by one persuasive medium than by another?
Social neuroscientists seek to understand
the neurobiology that underlies social behavior.
Personality psychologists are more interested in _______________, while social psychologists more likely focus on _____________________.
individual differences; our common humanity
Values can subtly influence science by guiding
scientists' assumptions and preconceptions.
the labels scientists use for their concepts.
scientists' thoughts about what ought to be.
Common assumptions often go unchallenged among a group of scholars who share the same
Which of the following psychological terms reflects a disguised value judgment?
mentally ill
"The way things are is the way they ought to be." This statement reflects the
naturalistic fallacy.
Two contradictory criticisms faced by social psychology are that its findings are obvious and that
its findings could be used to manipulate people.
An integrated set of principles that explain and predict observed events is called
A research hypothesis is a
testable prediction.
When theories are discarded, it is usually because they
have been displaced by newer, better theories.
The great strength of correlational survey research is that is
studies factors in real-world settings that cannot be manipulated in the laboratory.
The great disadvantage of correlational research is that
it does not specify cause and effect.
Which research method have social psychologists used in about three-fourths of their studies?
An experimenter exposes participants to different temperature levels to determine its effect on aggression. Temperature is the
independent variable.
In a psychological experiment, the factor being measured is called the __________ variable.
Manipulating one or two factors while holding others constant is the essence of
experimental control.
When the laboratory experiment is superficially similar to everyday situations, the experiment is said to be high in
mundane realism.
When the laboratory experiment deeply absorbs and involves participants, the experiment has
experimental realism.
In comparison to the sociologist, the social psychologist
is more likely to study individuals than groups.
To determine whether changing one variable (like education) will produce changes in another (like income), we need to conduct __________________ research.
According to the text, ___________________ tends to make people overconfident about the validity of their judgments and predictions.
the hindsight bias.