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  1. villanelle
  2. symbol
  3. hyperbole
  4. simile
  5. assonance
  1. a a figure of speech involving exaggeration
  2. b the repetition of similar vowel sounds in a sentence or a line of poetry
  3. c a nineteen line poem that relies on repetition
  4. d an object or action that means something else
  5. e a comparison between two things using like or as

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  1. a division or unit of a poem that is repeated in the same form;with similar patterns or rhymes
  2. the matching of the final vowel sounds
  3. measured pattern of rhythmic accents in a poem
  4. a poem that celebrates a dead person or people
  5. an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one

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  1. anapesta fourteen line poem


  2. metaphora comparison between two unlike things


  3. dactylthe recurrence of accent or stress in a line


  4. personificationgiving human qualities to inanimate objects


  5. coupleta fourteen line poem