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  1. elegy
  2. couplet
  3. hyperbole
  4. onomatopoeia
  5. figurative language
  1. a two lines that have the same structure, rhythm, or rhyme
  2. b a figure of speech involving exaggeration
  3. c a sound that is put into the form of a word
  4. d a poem that celebrates a dead person or people
  5. e when the author is conveying something other than the literal meaning

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  1. a line of poetry that has a beat, but does not rhyme
  2. a long narrative poem that records the adventure of a hero
  3. a fourteen line poem
  4. a stressed syllable followed by two unstressed ones
  5. giving human qualities to inanimate objects

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  1. odemetrical unit composed of stressed and unstressed syllables


  2. stanzaa division or unit of a poem that is repeated in the same form;with similar patterns or rhymes


  3. villanellea comparison between two things using like or as


  4. metera long poem with varied length, meter and form (about a certain subject)


  5. free versewithout a regular patter or rhyme


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