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  1. Groups 3-12, 1-2 electrons in the outer energy level, less reactive than alsali-earth metals, shiny, good conductor of thermal energy and electrical current, high density
  2. proposed modern periodic table, arranged table in order of atomic number instead of mass, came up with periodic law--physical and chemical properties of the elements are periodic functions of thier atomic number
  3. elements belonging to group two on the periodic table. They are less reactive and harder than alkali metals.
  4. group 17; contains nonmetals; 7 electrons in its outermost energy level; very reactive; poor conductors of electric current; never in its uncombined form in nature; combine with most metals to form salts

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  1. Periodichorizontal row of elements in the periodic table


  2. groupVertical column in the periodic table


  3. Periodic Lawrecurring or reappearing from time to time


  4. Noble Gasseshighly reactive, group 1


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