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permanent teeth

the 32 teeth of the adult which are designed to last a lifetime.


equally skillful with each hand


strengthens the enamel of teeth to help prevent decay

group identification

a feeling of belonging to a certain group of people


belief in your own abilities


a motivation to accomplish more


stress; an active imagination contributes to tension


people of the same age who share similar interests

aggressive behavior

hostile, and destructive behavior that people display when faced when conflict


the act of competing as for profit or a prize

moral development

growth in the ability to tell right from wrong, control impulses, and act ethically

intelligence quotient (IQ)

the number obtained by comparing a child's test results to those of other children the same age

cultural bias

favoring or giving an advantage to one culture over other cultures

multiple intelligences

abilities in problem solving or creating materials that have value


smallest units of sound in the human language, like consonants or vowels


repetition of initial consonant sounds


a person who speaks two languages fluently

finger plays

songs or chants with accompanying hand motions

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