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Bio 1320-2

Which of the following is an example of an electron-carrier molecule?
What is the final electron acceptor in cellular respiration?
Oxygen is necessary for cellular respiration because oxygen:
combines with electrons and hydrogen ions to form water.
Which of the following most closely matches the correct order of the main events of cellular respiration?
glycolysis, Krebs cycle, ETC, major ATP production
Which of the following processes occurs in a membrane?
the electron transport chain
Which of the following processes involves citric acid?
the Krebs cycle
Which of the following uses alcohol fermentation in the absence of oxygen?
Why don't we use bacteria that perform lactic acid fermentation to make bread?
because lactic acid fermentation doesn't produce a gas
Cyanide prevents oxygen from accepting electrons at the end of the electron transport chain. One of the first symptoms of cyanide poisoning is unconsciousness. Which of the following is a logical explanation for why the brain is affected by cyanide more than the rest of the body?
The brain cannot use fermentation to continue glycolysis.
Yeast in a bottle of champagne produces ________ and ________.
ethanol,carbon dioxide
As a bicyclist pedals up a hill to the finish line of a race and "feels the burn" in his leg muscles, those muscle cells are most likely utilizing:
some lactate fermentation.