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the Janjaweed

Who is carrying out most of the attacks?

a band of Sudanese militiamen

What is the Janjaweed?

armed man on horseback

what does Janjaweed translate to?

having anything to do with the Janjaweed

what does the sudanese government deny?

Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir

Who is the president of Sudan?

thieves and gangsters; he denies being in control of the group

What does Omar al-Bashir call the Janjaweed, and what does he deny?

That only 10,000 have died, and denies genocide

What does the government claim?

kill men, rape women, steal what they can

What crimes do the Janjaweed commit?

because you need 4 males to witness it, unmarried women are lashed for having sex, and married women stoned to death

Why is hard to convict them of rape?


Where have Darfurees fled?


what is there still in Chad?


what is similar in chad to sudan?

because they fear for their own safety

why is it hard for humanitarians to aid refugees?

many roads

what is controlled by the janjaweed?

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