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Ultimate Frisbee


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precise throwers
quick cutters
fast receivers
Stall count
Disc handler has 10 seconds to throw. Defender guarding the handlers counts up to 10 seconds
Spirit of the Game - players call their own fouls and boundary violations. Observers are used to manage the game and will be determined by the teacher
Brick Mark
A field marking used for restarting play
Short pass used to reset the offense
Fast and fluid offensive movement
A long throw, generally for a score
A long throw to begin play
Clap Catch
Used to secure a disc that is approaching the receiver straight away and at torso level. Also known as a pancake catch
"C" Catch
Purpose is to secure a thrown disc and quickly transition to a throwing-grip to make a pass. The "C" catch works best when a receiver must reach to catch the disc.
Backhand Throw
The common throw. Used to maintain possession and move the disc with speed and accuracy.
Forehand Throw
Used to maintain possession and move the disc when being guarded closely or when the backhand is not the best option.
Zone offense
To exploit or attack gaps in a zone defense. Zone offense relies on accurate passes, and constant movement. Types: 2 or 3 handler, vertical spread, and horizontal spread.
Stack Offense
Player, in line formation, systematically move in and out of a line to create backhand and forehand passing lanes for the thrower. Types: Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, split.
Force Defense
Used against a stack offense. This defensive strategy forces the handler to throw in the direction of defenders. Types: Force Backhand, Force Forehand
Zone Defense
Used to defend space, the end zone, and create turnovers. Types: cup, wall, wedge