Cyber Kill Chain

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Actions on objectivesActivities to complete objectives, such as exfiltrating data, destroying systems or moving to another connected system.NesteggMemory only backdoor, proxy commands to other infected systemsQUICKCAFEEncrypted JavaScript downloader for QUICKRIDE.POWERDYEPACKAPT-38 SWIFT bank heist frameworkKEYLIMEkeyloggerREDSHAWLsession hijacking utilitySMOOTHRIDEFlash loader that contains three different exploits within itclosesharedesigned to clean up other malwareCHEESETRAYproxy aware backdoor, enumeration, upload download, talks to C&C serverMAPMAKERReconnaisance tool, enumerates and prints active TCP connectionsNACHOCHEESECommand-line tunneler C&C IP's gives shell accessCLEANTOADDisruption tool, delete file system artifacts, clears windows event logs. (cleans BLINDTOAD as well)