27 terms

27 amendments Summary

1st amendment
freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, protest
2nd amendment
right to bear arms
3rd amendment
No quartering of Soldiers
4th amendment
Must have warrant searches or siezures
5th amendment
Self-incrimination (don't have to tell on yourself)
6th amendment
right to speedy trial & lawyer
7th amendment
right to jury trial
8th amendment
no cruel and unusual punishment
9th amendment
rights not listed in the Constitution do exist
10th amendment
any rights not in the Constitution are up to the states
11th amendment
Prohibits citizens of one state or foreign country from suing another state.
12th amendment
added the seperation of the president and vice president onto two different ballots
13th amendment
abolishes slavery
14th amendment
citizenship, due process, equal protection
15th amendment
This amendment granted black men the right to vote.
16th amendment
Federal Income tax
17th amendment
Direct election of senators
18th amendment
19th amendment
Women's Suffarage
20th amendment
Presidential term statrts January 20th
21st amendment
repeals prohibition
22nd amendment
two terms for president
23rd amendment
District of Columbia - people can vote for president
24th amendment
ends poll taxes
25th amendment
succession President ---- Vice President----Speaker of the House of Representatives
26th amendment
Voting age 18
27th amendment
Congressional pay raises can't go into effect until after the next congressional election