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, Problem solving Creative ability to solve new/unusual, ill-defined organizational problems, include to define significant problems, gather problem information, formulate new understanding about the problem and generate prototype plans for problem solutions.

Social judgment skills Capacity to understand people and social systems
Provide emotional support to create change in organization
- Perspective taking
- Social perceptiveness
- Behavioral flexibility
- Social

performanceare the capacity to understand people and social systems. They enable leader to work with other to solve problems and to marshal support to implement change within an organization.
Perspective taking means understanding the attitudes that others have toward a particular problem or solution. It is empathy applied to problem solving. Being sensitive to other people's perspectives and goals.

Social perceptiveness is insight and awareness into how others in the organization function. What is important to others? What motivates them? What problems do they face and how do they react to change? Social perceptiveness means understanding the unique needs, goals and demands of different organizational constituencies.

Behavioral flexibility is the capacity to change and adapt one's behavior in light ofan understanding of others' perspectives in the organization.

Social performance includes a wide range of leadership competencies. Based on an understanding of followers' perspectives, leaders need to be able to communicate their own vision to others Skill in persuasion and communicating change is essentialto do this. When there is resistance to change, leaders need to functions as mediators. Skill in conflict resolution is an important aspect of social performance competency. Sometimes it requires leaders to coach followers, give them direction and support as they move toward selected organizational goals. In all social performance includes many related skills that may come under the umbrella of communication

Knowledge- accumulation of information and mental structures to organize the info