14 terms

Sappington Science Explorer Cells and Heredity Chapter 4

multiple alleles
three or more forms of a gene that code for a single trait
sex chromosome
a pair of chromosomes carrying genes that determine whether a person is male or female
a gene that is carried on the X or Y chromosome
a person who has one recessive allele for a trait, but does not have the trait
genetic disorder
an abnormal condition that a person inherits through genes or chromosomes
a chart or "family tree" that tracks which members of a family have a particular trait
a picture of all the chromosomes in a cell arranged in pairs
selective breeding
the process of selecting a few organisms with desired traits to serve as parents of the next generation
a selective breeding method in which two individuals with identical or similar sets of alleles are crossed
a selective breeding method in which two genetically different individuals are crossed
an organism that is genetically identical to the organism from which it was produced
genetic engineering
the transfer of a gene from the DNA of one organism into another organism, in order to produce an organism with desired traits
gene therapy
the insertion of working copies of a gene into the cells of a person with a genetic disorder in an attempt to correct the disorder
all of the DNA in one cell of an organism