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Law 2 Criminal Encounters

fourth admendment
what allows people to be free of unreasonable government searches and seizures?
occurs whenever a government agent accesses an area in which someone has reasonable expectation of privacy..
occurs when a government agent either takes something that a person possess or in some way severely restrains their freedom or liberty..
occurs when a police officer attempts to engage someone in conversation..
occurs whenever an officer's actions or words lead a person to reasonably believe that they are not free to simply walk away..
they have reasonable suspicion that, that person is involved in a crime
when can an officer legally detain a person..
dispel suspicion of danger to the officer and the public (ensure that person is not armed)
reason of a frisk or pat search is to?
this is used detect and defer people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
occurs when a police officer severely restrains a suspects freedom and takes them into custody
arrest warrant or probable cause
what does any officer need to arrest someone?